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Anticipated Travel Trends for 2015

travel-safeTraveling has remained one of the most favorite pastime of people for ages. And it will continue to remain so in future as well. And with 2015 round the corner, different new travel trends are sure to emerge. Just like every other year. All of them might not be unique, but these hot travel trends are going to

So, what are the travel trends for 2015 likely to be? Will they be too different from those that were there in 2014? Let's have a quick look at some of the top travel trends for 2015.

Travel Going Digital

Almost everything is going digital now-a-days. The impact is on the travel industry as well. Majority of the travelers these days prefer to book their tickets online. This is saving them time and energy. The same holds true for hotel reservation as well. And when it comes to booking hotel rooms, checking them online gives an added advantage. The tourists can check out the photos and videos of the room wherever possible. Thus, it becomes easy to choose the best one for themselves.

Gadgets will Rule

In line with the increasing popularity of travel marketing online, gadgets are also likely to play important roles in the travel world. They are likely to make the traveling experience more hassle-free for the tourists. With the world of technology advancing at the fast rate, new gadgets are also expected to arrive. Moreover, wearable devices for travel are going to become extremely popular.

Low-cost Airlines to Rule Air Travel

Air travel is, of course, one of the most important ways to move from one place to another while going for a vacation. And this sector is expected to continue to remain important for the tourists. But an upcoming trend for air travel is sure to be the rising preference for low-cost flights.

  • What is lacking in the budget airlines?
  • The leg space might be a bit cramped.
  • The meals might not be up to the mark.

Well, that does not seem to matter for majority of the tourists. So, the budget airlines are sure to become more popular in 2015.

Poshtels will Gain Ground

Customers spending less on the flight tickets does not mean that the travel spending will decrease significantly. In fact, they are likely to spend more on lodging. Luxury hotels and apartments are likely to gain more ground in 2015. But it's the Poshtels that will gain more ground. These are simple hotels that have been given a facelift to appear posh. Such accommodations are going to be popular for all kinds of travelers - single, family, business and leisure.

The year 2015 will see tourists who are ready to pay more for their lodging. But they will be looking for a few added amenities as well.

Local Dining will Enchant Travelers

"When traveling and on holiday we all like to think that our experience is authentic to the destination. How much more real can you get than by eating local food cooked by a local in their own home, or being taken to a restaurant which isn't featured in the guide books?", said Simon Press, the Senior Exhibition Director of World Travel Market. So, dining will be important too, with tourists focusing more on enjoying local cuisines when they visit different places. Besides, peer-to-peer dining will also be in vogue.

River Cruise to Increase Fast

Cruising was already one of the most popular forms of leisure travel during the past few years. This trend will continue and might even before more prominent. In short, the cruise boom will continue. It is sure to be opted for by a large number of travelers across the globe. But one of the amazing things about the upcoming cruising trends for 2015 is that, more than cruising on the ocean, people would love to travel in cruises along the rivers.

Cruises on rivers like The Nile in Egypt, Irrawaddy in Myanmar, Danube in Germany and Hungary, and others are sure to attract the attention of the travelers more than ever before. In fact, according to travel experts, this is just the beginning before river cruises carve out a niche as one of the most important travel trends. And with every passing day, this is expected to become more and more popular among the tourists from across the globe.

New travel trends are expected to emerge in 2015. And they are sure to add new zeal to the tourists and make travel more interesting and enjoyable for them.

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