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7 Tips for Road Trips Through Australia

edwfExploring Australia by vehicle is one of the most rewarding way to explore. However, before you embark on any adventure, you must be prepared for the unexpected and for the expected. It’s a beautiful place to explore and knowing these tips in advance can assure you will have a better time overall.

1) Don’t rely solely on GPS.

With any road trip, be sure that you have GPS available on your vehicle. However, you don’t want to only lean upon GPS to guide you. GPS can be very wrong at times, so make sure you take old fashioned maps along the way and bring a compass. Most of all, bring detailed maps of the area you traveling.

2) Prepare for the sunshine.

You definitely don’t want to expose yourself to unhealthy amounts of sunshine. Bring plenty of water. In fact, even if you think you have enough water, bring more. Many tourists underestimate distances between stops and you don’t want to get stuck without enough supplies. Plus, have sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and wear clothing that covers most of your skin. Also, be sure to bring a hat as well.

3) Be conscious of the seasons.

It isn’t always sunny in Australia! Each state experiences weather differently depending on the month you are traveling, so be sure to check the seasonality. Flooding and even cold temperatures can hinder your road trip and you want to be prepared for that. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, extreme heat can be very difficult to handle.

4) Stop during the night time.

Particularly if you are traveling through the outback, be cautious traveling at night. In fact, avoid it completely if you can. You won’t be able to see wild animals crossing the roads in the dark. Most of the animals you will come across are nocturnal and so you do run the risk of running into them (literally!) along the roads.

5) Allow time to relax.

The appeal of the road trip is to enjoy yourself along the way. Not to mention, Australia is a large country and while there is plenty to explore, you don’t want to spend the whole time on the road. Take breaks along the way and plot out areas you want to visit along your route. Yet don’t overplan, because you will find those sideroad trips and and tourist spots can be really entertaining. Be conscious of how long you plan on being in the area and take into consideration what you would like to do! Helicopter rides, surfing, scuba diving, sky diving, and so much more that you will find along the way.

6) Be aware of the costs and expenses.

Australia can surprise you with how much you end up spending if you aren’t prepared. While gas prices can be cheaper compared to where you are from, if you travel along the outback the rates can go up. Also do research on cheap places to stay for the night. You can end up spending a lot of money if you aren’t careful. Blogs from the experts, travel books, and Camps Australia Wide books can help you with finding inexpensive and even free campgrounds. Groceries can also add to your budget. Bring snacks with you and seek out stores such as Coles and Bi-Lo, which are the least expensive in the area.

7) Be over prepared for the road.

When traveling long distances, you want to be prepared for what may happen along the way. If you are concerned about a distance you are covering, call ahead to the next town and let them know your expected arrival time. If you experience any issues with your vehicle, be sure to stay with the vehicle. Also fill up along the way. If you run into a petrol station, take advantage and fill up your vehicle. Also bring a CB radio. Have essential spare parts for your vehicle and bring equipment for your trip, such as spare tires, oil, and some additional tools. Learning some basic car repair skills can be key into getting you back on the road. So take the time to learn how to change a tire!


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