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What are the Ways to Get High in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has been a symbol of cannabis for a few decades. There are long traditions like cannabis cups and coffee shops which have created a profile of a city. It welcomes the tourists from all over the world because there is no objection in smoking weed here. Amsterdam is the perfect spot if you’re looking to some cannabis tasting or buying cannabis seeds. Amsterdam is a fantastic city with individuals, many great sites, and places. The city has a history that is huge and has people from more than 178 different nationalities living in it.


Many people wish you a pleasant good morning in the roads and therefore are super-helpful if you have some questions, but Amsterdam isn’t that small though. And as with any large city, particularly when you might do some things or use some materials you’re usually not abusing, and your body and brain may not be used to, Amsterdam comes with some secrets and special things you need to comprehend and keep in your mind when seeing it. Needless to say, Bud is an attractive plant, and Amsterdam is a great spot to find many sidesof this beautiful plant and its particular use. We’ll tell you some more about marijuana in general also as there are a few things you may want to understand and consider before just taking up the very first thing which comes within reach.

Here are few tips to get stoned in Amsterdam:

Coffee Shops

The tourist buses loaded off thousands of weed hungry people every day. Even the older couple stops for a smoke and entertainment at one of the biggest attractions, coffee shops. It’s completely legal to purchase marijuana, and they’re hundreds of them throughout the city. Make sure you reach the correct coffee shop, not a café or coffee house.

Tobacco is Joint; Marijuana is pure joint

In most places, you can purchase weed by the joints or gram. But beware as joints are rolled with tobacco and marijuana. And if you want it without tobacco, go in for the pure joint.

Check menus at coffee shops

The menu will display the kind of weed, hash or joints; the coffee shop is offering. However, it doesn’t explain the details about the herb. In short, menus don’t say much except for the names of the cannabis and the prices.

Check before buying

Usually, the shopkeepers are evident about the menus and advertising. They display the marijuana in crystal clear containers and will let you look at the strain of herb before making the purchase. And as most of the stoners know the obvious signs of weed like light yellow in color, no crystals, etc. helps you in right buying. If something found fishy, don’t buy one!

Other places to find one

The city has no real drug laws, so can see them in the windows of shops everywhere. The bongs you find in one shop are probably going to be the same throughout the town. So there’s no need to go search for the right bong.

Lighter and joint papers

The coffee shops will provide you with papers to do your joint and will even let you borrow a lighter for the smoke session.

Check permission to smoke

About 90% of the coffee shops offer smoking sections. Sometimes the whole store is a smoke lounge where you can get the blaze on. But few coffee shops have a restricted smoking area or don’t allow taping of any kind. So whenever you buy weed, make sure to ask where it is allowed to smoke.

Quality and prices vary

Many vendors offer different quality varying different prices. Usually, the shops located near to popular tourist getaways or stations sell expensive herbs and shops situated away from the trafficked areas tend to offer reasonable bud.

Smart Shops Concept

The smart shops don’t sell weed, but mushrooms, truffles, and other mind-altering drugs like Salvia or peyote, and other psychedelics.

In other words, don’t mess up your visit by doing anything against the law. Utilize your best judgment, and have a happy time getting high in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a great deal to view and hear from museums, festivals, parks, canals,… you name it. Hopefully which you join your visits to the city’s coffee shops with lots of other tasks that may make it.


If you have any questions, please ask below!