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Discover the Hidden Adventure Of Los Angeles

los-angelesThe City of Los Angeles has been known as Mecca for tourists. The usual must sees are there like Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. Then again, there is more than the usual when it comes to Los Angeles. There is more to see, more to experience.

Sta. Monica

As you visit LA, you can check out the Sta. Monica Pier where you can spend all day shopping or simply walking and taking in fresh air. You can also check out the Arizona Street food court where you can buy good foods for reasonable prices. Make sure to you visit Wolfang Pucks restaurant to experience a wonderfully prepared meal. Also, check out Venice Beach and the Third Street Promenade.

Marina Del Rey

As you schedule a flight to Los Angeles, make sure to visit the Fisherman’s Village at Marina Del Rey. The village is located at a section where you have an assortment of souvenir shops and restaurants. There are also establishments offering fishing cruises and harbor tours where you can rent a jet ski, motorboat or a sailboat for a day.

You can also hang around the Burton W. Chace Park and have a nice little picnic while looking over the boat docks and the marina. This is located at the north side of the marina, close to the visitor’s center.

If you are in the mood for a bike ride, you can use the Marvin Braude Bike Path. This path lets you pass through the marina and is a safely traveled path around the harbor.

Franklin Canyon Park

For nature lovers, a quick escape to Franklin Canyon Park is a must do. This amazing place connects you to nature, letting you set out of the hustle and bustle of the main Los Angeles area. There are many facilities that you can enjoy like the picnic areas by the lakeside and the large lawns. If you are planning events like weddings, parties or meetings, they have an auditorium that you can use overlooking the beautiful view of the courtyard.

TIP: If you are a group, you may consider a rental party bus in Los Angeles to get quickly to all these beautiful attractions.

Dana Harbor Point and Newport Beach

Another place that you can visit is Dana Harbor Point and Newport Beach. You can indulge in whale watching and sport fishing at the Dana Harbor Point. At the Newport Beach area, you can indulge yourself with more whale watching and water tours that would enable you to come up close with the fascinating creatures of the sea while in their natural environment.

Ranchos Los Alamitos

If you are more into agriculture and nature, you can visit the Ranchos Los Alamitos. This 7.5 acre property offers acres of fabulous multi-awarded gardens that would take your breath away. You can also take a peek at the ranch house that was built in the 1800.


Los Angeles is also a home to beautiful churches like the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels which is the home of the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese. There is also the Crystal Cathedral home of the Hour of Power ministry, the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles which the oldest Protestant church in LA. You can also visit the La Pacita which is the Iglesia Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles located at right across the El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

If you are visiting Los Angeles, make sure that you go beyond the usual and visit the many hidden treasures that this place has to offer.

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