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3 Hidden Attractions that Make Vegas such a Fascinating Place

Las Vegas is one of the most fascinating and popular travel destinations in the world, with an estimated 42 million travellers making the trip last year alone.

Not only is Las Vegas enduringly popular, however, but it is also one of the most diverse and misunderstood places in the world. While many play online casino slots such as Mermaids Millions and consider this type of experience as being the contemporary embodiment of Las Vegas, for example, there are in fact a host of hidden gems and attractions that add layers of depth and underline the opportunities that exist beyond the famous strip.

So while gambling and casino life remains a key element of the Vegas experience, there are a host of other viable attractions that may be of interest. From stunning entertainment resorts and low-cost outlets to unique art museums and the often understated down town area, Las Vegas is a surprising destination that holds far more than originally meets the eye.

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With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most unheralded and exciting attractions on the brightly-lit streets of Las Vegas. Our list includes:

Explore local culture at the Down town container Park

Away from the hustle and bustle of the strip, Vegas is a strangely understated place with plenty of hidden depths. If you are visiting the location and are keen to escape the crowded restaurants and brightly coloured malls, the down town region offers a wealth of adventure and more affordable (and not to mention intriguing) pastimes.

Take the Down town Container Park, for example, which can be easily identified by a striking, fire-spewing praying mantis sculpture located outside. Constructed from more than 40 disused shipping containers, it is an indie complex that is home to boutique shops, low-cost bars and stunning restaurants. There is even an event stage and the Oak and Ivy Whiskey Bar, which is a must-see location for fans of the amber nectar.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

As intriguing as its title suggests, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a modern and fashionable location that is accessible to all. It is actually renowned as a free-to-access contemporary art gallery, showcasing the very best in non-commercial and modern street art.

There are a number of fascinating wall works, for example, which include unique murals by artists such as Kenny Scharf and Shepard Fairey. The connecting parking garage is also adorned by passionate and contemporary wall art, while eight separate light columns located at the check-in showcase constantly changing and eye-catching videos.

Ideal for art lovers, this is a venue that is as insightful and satisfying as it is cheap!

The Velveteen Rabbit (which is now the worst kept secret in Las Vegas)

We would implore anyone who enjoys quaint and unique bars to visit The Velveteen Rabbit, if only for the fact that Vegas’ worst kept secret will soon become one of the most popular bars off the strip! Owned by two sisters who grew up in Vegas and whose back-story is arguably the main selling point for visitors, this location is a must-see if you wish to enjoy a truly authentic travelling experience!

Located in the heart of down-town Vegas, The Velveteen Rabbit fuses ever-changing craft beers and curious cocktails with flaming lemon peels and peppercorn bacon bitters, while this one-of-a-kind experience is underpinned by the owner’s appealing narrative. The drinks are also becoming renowned for the inclusion of artistically stencilled rabbits, so there really is something for everyone here!

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