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Navigating the Waters of Motherhood: Helpful Websites For New Moms

new-moms-sitesMotherhood is a challenge nobody is really ready for, no matter how many magazines they subscribe to or parenting books they’ve read. Technology can be a huge help in helping new moms adjust to their babies and feel confident that they’re making the right choices for them. Here are six of the most helpful websites for new moms everywhere.

Everything you could possibly need as a new or expectant mom, all under one roof. The website hosts helpful articles and lets you order all the baby items you’ll ever need at their store. If you need some more personal support, check out their forum, where moms everywhere can share their tips, woes, and successes.

If you have a question about your baby, has an answer. It’s a comprehensive parenting site with articles on everything you could think of, from bathing, traveling with the baby, and medical issues. The medical content is all either written or reviewed by registered midwives, so it comes with a stamp of approval.

Declutter, Reorganize, Repurpose

Having a baby can turn the organization of your home upside down. This blog has incredible tips on how you can lower the amount of clutter and trash in your home by reusing old products. Great for the environmentally-conscious family!

The parenting section of iVillage

An online support forum for new moms. In all the excitement of taking care of a baby, sometimes it’s hard for Mom to take time for herself. That’s where iVillage comes in. The focus here is on helping new moms learn to care for themselves again.

Kelly is a mom of three and a lactation consultant. She offers helpful, sound advice, focusing mainly on feeding tips. What makes KellyMom a refreshing website is that there are no advertisers influencing what Kelly writes and what she advocates. Everything she says comes straight from her honest experience

This website can be a lifesaver for moms who find it much more difficult and stressful to run errands with a baby in the house. Honest lets you shop online for products for your baby, including diapers, shampoos, and wipes, and then every month, your order is delivered to you.

Those websites can save your sanity as a new mom, so if any of those sound like anything you might want to visit, access your clear wireless Internet 4G on your smartphone or your computer and do some website browsing today.

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