How to Organize a Party for Your Kids and Give Them a Birthday They Deserve

Children sure are adorable, and while they are still young they view us as role models, they admire us, which is kind of empowering. We need to cherish this time we are given, for once they reach the age of adolescent, they will become more rebellious and act as if they are ashamed of having parents. Therefore, while they are still young, you want to give them the best time possible, as well as teach them valuable lessons, because at some point, they won't listen to a single word.

Birthday parties are the time of the year our children love the most-it is their day, everyone gives them more than enough attention, and they are treated as kings and entitled to some wishes. The job of the parent is to create great memories and document them because these are some of the happiest days of the two of you together.

During the first couple of birthdays, we usually invite only our family and our own friends, but once your kid starts going to preschool or first grade, he or she makes friends. Meaning, the first need to be socially accepted and, as parents, we need to respect that. Here are a few tips on how to throw a party for a child of ages between 6 and 9.

Sending Invitations


Ask your kid to describe his or her friends, and tell you their names-you probably ask them that every day-but very often, you do not get the opportunity to meet the other child and its parents before birthday. It is important to make your acquaintance with those people as you pick up your child after school. Exchange contacts and invite them over for your upcoming event. The date should either be Friday or Saturday, these two days have the highest probability that everyone invited will actually show up.

Theme for the party


It is hard to keep up with all the trends lately, especially the ones that children are interested in, so ask your child upfront: "What's your favourite cartoon?", "Who is your favourite character?" etc. This will help you decide on the theme for the birthday party.

You can make it a costume party, buy the right decorations, and also inform other parents what your plans are. Plates, cups, cake, as well as entertainment needs to be related to the chosen topic, so that kids can really get into character. Entertainment should be also related to the topic, for example if you make a pirate theme party, then you can have a small petting zoo with parrots, it will make a nice addition for birthday party photos. When coming up with a game, tweak them in the way they seem relevant to your selected topic, once again, if they are dressed as fictional characters, a game of hot potato is actually a game of handling down a magical orb, etc. Plan out the whole thing so that children are constantly occupied, they won't be bored and start to run around recklessly just to amuse themselves.

Gift opening

Teaching your child good manners is an essential part of parenting, and for each gift your child has received, he or she needs to say a proper thank you. In regards to that, make a gift opening ceremony a part of party, this way, your kid can express its gratitude and you will satisfy everyone's curiosity. You need to buy a gift as well, since after all, your child expects you to, so to make it a surprise, shop online in a way that your little ones won't suspect anything. When a package arrives, hide it some place high and that's all there is to it.

Foods and Drinks


Apart from the obligatory cake, you need to decide on other things which will be served. Once again, consult with other parents if their kids have some sort of allergies, and avoid serving too much fizzy drinks and delicious treats, since too much sugar will make the kids' stomach hurt. Serve more healthy foods, and if kids are busy, they will get tired and actually eat the things they are usually not fond of. This way, you won't have to use the line, "You can have some cake only after you finish your vegetables!"

If you have any questions, please ask below!