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How to Choose the Right First Toy for Your Child

a whole bunch of toysThe importance of your child's best stuffed friend while growing up is huge. Some kids are subject to this influence more than others, but it's advised not to take a chance. It's easy for children to get attached emotionally to a cute stuffed animal because, in their minds, there is a connection with a toy based on the trust. A sudden disappearance of their favorite toy can leave a mark they can carry for the rest of their life and avoid making close friends throughout their life. If you don't like the toy your child has chosen, try to find a way to understand it because if you take it away, it will hurt your child more that your lack of approval is hurting you. Often parents have a problem if a toy isn't appropriate to their child's gender, which is a mistake. Children are capable of choosing a toy compatible to their gender without even being aware of the difference boys or girls.

If you want to allow your kids the necessary freedom and still choose their first toys, it's best to pick universal ones and the best choice will be - stuffed animals.

stuffed animal toys

A white teddy bear is simply perfect for the first toy for your kid. Soft and gentle on one side and a true protector in the eyes of children on the other, the white plush teddy bear is going to be a great friend. You can never be too old for this kind of toy. Be sure that your kid is going to be thrilled to take care of it and probably show it off. The teddy bear will be a great big friend and a powerful guardian during those dark nights, so your troubles considering the child's nightmares will be solved with a wonderful stuffed animal.

Learning about family and love are one of the first and most important things that your child needs to realize and it should feel that way so that it won't have problems with expressing itself in the future and with making strong connections with both genders. An interesting part is that you, as a parent, through games with these toys, can explain to your child some of the more serious life matters - simply by playing with it. One more benefit that this toy will bring to you is a bond and more closeness with your child.

A stuffed rabbit is cute and useful at the same time. Fluffiness of this plush stuffed animal will undoubtedly attract your kid and it will fall in love with the rabbit within seconds. A useful part of this toy is the fact that with its help, you can start teaching your child about rabbits and their life in nature, about the food they need and the scary enemies that they have. This story about a fragile, but super fast animal will raise awareness in your child's mind about the ecosystem and animals' troubles and abilities - all this in the simplest and the easiest way there is.

Buying something like a Sponge Bob Squarepants stuffed animal is like having a new member of your family. Spongebob has a strong character and he's always positive and with a smile on, but more importantly - he's ready to help anyone who needs him. Playing with this stuffed animal is like going from one adventure to the other. With a plush Sponge Bob, your kid will develop awareness of the needs of other people at an early age, and it'll also expand its borders of imagination. A child will also learn about the importance of having friends and even about how great it is when you have a job that you like.

On the other hand, a giant stuffed octopus will open a whole new world for your kid. The sea is still a mystery but now, when science is familiar with the world down there, you can pass that knowledge to your child using this stuffed octopus. Not only will you make it want to learn more, but you'll create a strong link between the child and that mystic world underneath the water. Who knows, maybe the love for the sea and those strange creatures that live so differently than us, will define your child's education - maybe he or she'll develop an ambition to study biology or archeology, or something like that.

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A cute tiger stuffed toy can inspire your kid to create a special place in imagination - the jungle, where it can play and live with wild animals. This kind of imaginative development will increase the understanding for other life forms and your child will learn to respect their ways of life. If you teach a young mind the ways of jungle predators, it'll show more respect for its own life. Most probably, the child will learn how to treat people by making a difference between good and bad - from the animal world, to the human life order. This ability can really be helpful because it'll help your kid develop empathy.

A stuffed farm animal will help arrange a whole new point of view in your child's mind. If you want your child to understand the hard work that farmers invest in raising domestic animals, a pink pig stuffed animal will do the trick. Also, it'll help with getting to know how people and animals actually live with each other in a harmonic way. The whole chain of mass food production will be a lot easier to explaining with one of these cute stuffed animals in your hands. When the time comes for the talk about how we get milk, cheese and meat come from, well - this plush toy will alleviate your difficulties with finding the right terms and vocabulary for your kid to realize it completely.

They don't appear just like stuffed animals any more, do they? Fragile children's minds need to be taken seriously, because even the smallest mistake in their education, one that you won't even notice, can turn out to be very, very bad.

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