Simple Ways to Improve the Decor of Your New Home

decorA house becomes a home when the people that live in it truly add their own personal touches and accents to the place. Each home should have uniqueness from the rest of the houses and flats in the locality. Home decor therefore isn’t just about the fancy things, imported artifacts and expensive souvenirs. It is about a statement of personalization and uniqueness that can only be brought to your space by you, when artifacts are placed right and accessorized with the right things, every space in your home could tell a story.

Here are some things that will make all the difference to the decor of your home:

Wall murals:: Contrary to popular belief wall murals needn’t be massive or expensive. A bit of innovation combined with a great imagination is all you truly need. A wall mural needs to have a theme to it, so look for inspiration. Secondly decide a medium for the artwork. Mixed medium like paint, glass and ceramic, works extremely well. Wall murals are an excellent way of making a statement, and can also involve your favourite street art styles like graffiti or traditional designs like cave paintings.

Throw pillows: Throw pillows are a perfect boho chic element to add to the decor of a room. They are perfect accessories for your sofas & chairs. Mix and match with different colours, patterns and textures. Contrast and clash strategically, in order to give the room or space a trendy feel. Use old tee-shirts to create new pillow covers. Patchwork, needlework and even old prints sewn together make an interesting decor enhancement to your home's furniture.

Patterned ceiling fans: India is one of the largest markets for ceiling fans. Embellished ceiling fans with decorative features like metal accents and lights make a really elegant centrepiece to every room. This also makes them multi-purpose utility items (fan+ chandelier) and they look extremely elegant as well.

Innovative Vases: Fresh flowers add a dash of colour and bring the great outdoors inside. A perfect accompaniment to fresh flowers is innovative flower vases. A quick DIY way to make fantastic vases is to sterilize old glass milk bottles and then paint them opaque in myriad colours and you have the perfect flower vases with the right kind of oomph!

Wall hangings: An alternative to exhaustive wall murals; are wall hangings. Wall hangings could be anything from tribal masks to a photo wall with precious family memories. Wall hangings are meant to be the focal point of an entire room and are a superb way to catalogue how well travelled you are, and are great conversation starters at parties and soiree.

Accentuate for comfort: Accents like mini couches, love seats, bar stools, bean bags and low seating stools and foot rests are all great for the comfort factor of the space. This helps give the home a really comfortable and inviting vibe as well.


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