Beautify Your Home With Mexican Tiles and Decors

mexican-tile-decorImagine yourself amidst the beautiful setting of an ancient Mexican home. Through the curling streets and the twisting pathways, you reach the serenity of a gorgeously structured Mexican home with no apparent front yard. You just bump into an exquisitely crafted front door and lay down your feet on an extremely vivid collection of neatly laid ceramic tiles. As you enter the home, from blues to reds and yellows, every hue blinds your eyes like a kaleidoscope reflecting a thousand different shades. Nothing in the home can be categorized somewhere near as "dull". There are colors, and patterns and all sorts of floral arrangements aptly crafted on all the corners of house tiles from floors to ceilings. For some time, you are stunned by the beauty of the moment and think about how gorgeously assembled each and every detail in that house is…….

If you are done imagining, it is time to get back and realize the existential crises you have been facing all your life for not being introduced to Mexican culture. Without any doubt, the Mexican use of colorful patterns, floral arts and brilliant shades for home décor is marvelous and unique on its own. Therefore, if you want to bring some of that aura to your own living room or home, you can start today by replacing the tiles at your home with Mexican tiles that will not just have your neighbors asking you about the renovation but will also increase the value of your place.

If you have finally decided to redesign your house Mexican style, let us help you renovate by giving you a few tips on this themed décor.

Bring in the Mexican Vibe

Who would not like a collection of hand painted ceramic tiles adorning their sitting room floors? It is like bringing the Spanish culture to your backyard-the colors, the energy, the spirit, the music, the dancing, the love, in short everything. It will be super cool living in such a vibrant place with a Mexican society touch. Furthermore, if you have this theme at your home, you can even throw a Mexican styled party at your place with all those tacos and tortillas and people dancing to pure Ranchera music.

Therefore, installing some Mexican tiles at your place is the way to start. Here are a couple of amazing tile options that you can choose from for your place.

Exclusively Handcrafted Tiles

A trademark of conventional Mexican society is aptly hand painted and hand decorated shiny tiles. These tiles are not only meticulously made but it is also ensured during the production that no two tiles have the same pattern or design. It will be like having a beautifully crafted artwork collection at your home. These tiles not only come with a range of design and paintings but also come in different geometric shapes.

Saltillo Tiles

Though the hand crafted tiles are amazingly gorgeous, they are also extremely expensive- they are like luxury expenditure. Therefore, if you want a Mexican look within a budget, they are not one of the options. A more economical alternative will be going for Saltillo tiles. They are widely used in Mexico is public places like restaurants and eateries. They come in beautiful shades of crimson and auburn and can be utilized to give a great look to your home. You can also utilize them outside for your garden deck decoration or stairwell.

Terra Cotta Tiles

Terra Cotta tiles resemble the Saltillo tiles in their exclusivity. They are usually cheap alternatives to hand printed tiles and are widely used for flooring purpose both for interiors and exteriors. Again, they come in a wide range of gorgeous colors to make sure that your home truly reflects the charm of a real Spanish home.

All these tiles come in unique styles and can be fit in any room at your home. So by installing them, you can make sure that your home gives an attractive outlook as well as an extra welcoming vibe like all the homes in Spanish culture. You can choose whatever color theme you want for you place and order accordingly. Either you can stick to the warm tones of amber, red and orange or go for darker tones of aqua, black and maroon.

Emily Bold, a home expert and a home-style journalist, talks about how to recreate a Mexican look for your place by making use of multiple vibrant Mexican tiles. Mrs. Bold has been working with a renowned interior designing agency for a while and is well versed in home aesthetics.

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