Make It Big: Lighting Tips That Fool the Eye of Making Your Small Space Looks Bigger

It is undeniable that lighting has a significant impact on interior design. For example, if you know an interior designer or two, they will tell you that choosing the right light for a small room will do the magic of stretching your perception of that space.

Indeed, if you have tried designing one or has started planning it, pulling off the perfect lighting for a small room can be a bit challenging. It is because you need first to consider as to what type of lighting fixtures and proper placement of your lights will be excellent for your limited space.

It is not necessary that your lighting source for your small space should be the conventional ceiling lights such as chandeliers or grand-looking pendant lights. There are many lighting sources to choose from the market that can transform your small living space into something accommodating.

Follow these tips from interior designers to make your room look larger than it is.

Don’t Underestimate Track Lighting

Many interior design professionals will advise you to choose track lights instead of free-standing lamps for your small space. The good news is that track lighting is improving each year when it comes to style and design.

For instance, there are many small and captivating track light fixtures available that will perfectly fit in a small space better than those track lighting with large bulbs. They are also less expensive and can provide significant illumination especially in your lobbies and corridors.

Fool the Eye with Modern Recessed Lighting

recessed lightingIf you want to change your small space’s size visually, follow such lighting techniques as varying the amount of light, reflected from the floor, walls, and ceiling, and its brightness. The favorite way to achieve this feat is through your recessed lighting.

It is because recessed lighting accentuates your room design and make small areas look big. Combine your recessed lights in your living room ceiling, for example, with wall lights and floor lamps to provide ample light in that space.

Pick the Right Color of Your Lampshades

Light color schemes do an excellent job in giving your room more air and space. For example, light wooden floors, white walls, and drapes, and pieces of furniture with bright colors can give a bit of accommodation to a room when you look at it.

For you to get the maximum trick, match the light colors of whatever is it in your room with a neutral color of your lampshade made in silk or linen. However, you can break this light color lampshade rule by opting for dark, opaque modern lamp that can reflect light upwards to accent a corner or a feature.

Take Advantage of Spindly Lamps with Small Shades

Well, you perhaps know the popular notion of getting the right size of your lampshade by determining the height of the base and the height of the shade by three-quarters.

However, in lighting small spaces, you should break the rules, and thin, spindly lamps can often suit smaller shades. It will not only give you more space, but it also helps accentuate the verticals in your little space.

Reflect Ceiling Light Fixtures on Wall Mirrors

ceiling light fixturesIt is perhaps the most famous and prominent way of tricking the eye to make your small room look large: Hanging mirrors on white and well-illuminated walls. It is because shiny surfaces, glass items, and mirrors reflect light to make the room appear larger than it is.

You can choose modern ceiling light fixtures that can work together with your wall mirrors. Or you can opt for bright wall lights. In this way, you can achieve of making your room look bigger in an inexpensive way.

Go for Modern Ceiling Lights

Modern ceiling light fixtures are an excellent choice because they do not eat a lot of space in a room, Of course, it does not mean that you will use chandeliers or large pendant lights because they are too big for your small space. You can incorporate modern and compact flush mount light and semi-flush mount light, recessed lights, and track lights.

You can choose designer lighting of these types to light a hallway, corridor, and lobbies. For example, you can adjust the angle of a track light to widen narrow spaces and make them more attractive and accommodating.

Avoid Conventional Ceiling Lights for Your Small Room

ceiling lightsIt is not advisable to place a conventional ceiling light fixtures such as a chandelier in the middle of your small room. As you know, many chandeliers are grand and massive in size, and it will only eat up a significant portion of a little space.

It will not make your room look bigger, airier and accommodating. It will only make your room look even more cramped and narrow.


Lighting is an essential aspect of any room, especially if you have limited space. It is because the right illumination can do tricks to make your small room appear bigger than it is. Thus, it is only advisable that you follow some tips mentioned above to make the most of your little space.

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