Effective Tips to Enhance Your Interior Decor

As the interior decorators do not follow a secret book of designs, there are really no hard and fast rules for designing your room. Try utilizing your creativity by exploring, dreaming and also by following your intuition. Here are some tried and proved methods for improving the décor of your room successfully.

Living room with a natural American Walnut hardwood floor.

Breathing Space To Your Furniture: You must control yourself from overcrowding your room with furniture. Try providing some breathing space for each of your furniture. This rule also applies if you are decorating within a tight budget. You can spend on very less number of furniture with high quality. Your room will surely look better than stuffing it with low standard furniture. You can include the chairs with high back as it will not have to put much effort for attracting the attention.

Manage Furniture And Rug: Your floor may be covered with a rug or a carpet. Now, how do you manage them with your furniture? There are basically 3 ways of managing them.

  • All Off: When you possess a very small room, the legs of your furniture can be all out of them. But try to make sure that the rug is not very small and insignificant. If you have the seating pieces, the front leg must touch the carpet, if not on it. If you are trying to layer a pattern with the textured or solid rug, this approach can suit best.
  • All On: If your rug is large enough, you can simply fit all the furniture in them. It will create a luxurious look into your room. But ensure that at least 12 to 18 inches are left on all sides as the borders of the rugs.
  • Front On: Try putting the front legs of the furniture on the rugs. This will create an attractive visual effect as well as well defined space. This arrangement can provide a feeling of spaciousness.

Choose Color At Last: When the homeowner moves to a new place, the first thing he generally does is to paint the home. But, this can be ideal if the house is already furnished with artwork, upholstery or rug. As there are various colors, shades, tints or tones to choose from, it will not be justified if they are chosen before your furniture.

Artwork At Suitable Height: Try hanging your artwork at suitable height. Make sure that the height from the floor is 57 to 60 inches where you are hanging them. The museums and the galleries generally hang them at this height because the average sight level of the human eye is 57 inches.

Never Use Too Much Of Themes: You can create a theme for your rooms, but try not to make it so matching that it looks odd. If you want to provide a coastal look, you can use some furniture that can provide that look.

Focal Point: The focal point is very necessary when you are decorating the room. Your focal point might act as a star that can anchor your room in a nice way. Other items within the room can play the secondary role. Try avoiding the visual noise by providing the leading roles to all the items.

You can be creative and always try using something in your room that makes you happy. Your designs must be moderate and comfortable to your eyes. Overly designed homes can become an obstruction for your daily lives. Sometimes just a simple art arrangement or a colorful pillow collection can change the entire décor of your room.


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