Decorating Your Hallway the Right Way

Hallways are a remarkably important parts of your home and they can really give a whole new look to your home if you decorate them properly. While there are a lot of different types of decorations and accessories that you can use to brighten up your home, not all of them will really match your home. Important thing in making your hallway and your home looking great is to really match the overall style of your home and hallway with the accessories and decoration in them. Here are some aspects of proper decorating process that you can use to better plan out your hallway decorations.

image 2Choice of Colors

Few things will affect your hallway more than the correct choice of colors. Different sizes, the amount of light and the furniture in your hallway can all affect the overall look in a different manner. Color shapes the small light deprived hallways and using a lot of bright strong colors can make your hallway look a lot better. If you have a small hallway this is a great way to bring in the illusion of extra space and eliminate the claustrophobic feel that some of them have. Dark colors are often used if you want to differentiate certain parts of your hallway and in general spike up other colorful elements nearby.


Among the many decorations that you can place in your hallway, furniture can be one of the most functional and most useful items there. Storing your shoes into small cupboards and having small tables that you can use to store your important items like keys can really keep the clutter at the bare minimum in your home. Matching style of your furniture to the look of your home and hallway is also important as you won't really need antique table in a postmodern looking hallway.

Art Display

If you are out of ideas and you simply don't want to bother with extensive decorative work, turning your hallway into a small art display is a great way to enrich its appearance and feel. By hanging on all kinds of pictures that you can find, you can really make your hallway look great without too much work. Covering your walls with range of amazing photos is a great way to not only eliminate a lot of empty space that may look neglected but also bring a whole new artistic aspect to your home.

image 1Rugs

Every decent hallway has some sort of rug in it and unless you have high quality wooden floors that you really want to show off, so should yours. You can squeeze in anything you like, from ordinary runner rugs to exotically shaped rugs that really bring out all kinds of different colors to your hallway. In this particular regard the only limit is your imagination. The wide range of different rugs available today means that they come in any sort of size or shape that you may want them in and this allow you to experiment in all kinds of ways.

Lights and Mirrors

One of the most important things is that your hallways have enough light in them so that they serve as natural extension the rooms next to them. You don't want your hallway to look like an entrance to the cave. Make sure that it is not cluttered with all kinds of useless items that they there is enough light in it. Even if you have a small and relatively limited hallway space to work with, placing a lot of decorative mirrors and painting walls white can certainly change the overall look. You can also change the look of your fixtures as these can significantly affect the overall look of your space too. The best thing about fixtures is that even though they don't require too much work to change, they can really shape the end look of the hallway.

Do not underestimate the roll of hallways and the esthetic role that it plays in your home. Not only is it often the first thing that your guests see, but it can also be sued for a variety of different roles. Just by putting little effort and creativity into making your hallway look great, you will really make the rooms to which it leads to stand out and look even better.

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