Interior Design 2015: 5 Steps to a More Elegant Home

Elegant HomeDwell Magazine’s survey on interior designers revealed that among the common design mistakes, lack of a cohesive style thread and diving in with no direction topped the list. Follow the experts’ advice and start planning your 2015 design journey now. Whether you’re leaning toward ultra modern, rustic or romantic, your home's design thread can infuse elegance in every room. Start by taking a look at some of the hottest design trends for 2015 and personalize it to show off your home's unique style.

Choose the right colors

Whether your style is sleek and industrious or cottage chic, choosing the right colors can add a touch of elegance to your home. Choose a few signature style colors and let your imagination do the rest. Consider adding just splashes with throw pillows, drapes and accent rugs, or transform an entire room with your favorite color.

Not sure which hues are hot this year? The color authority company Pantone’s color of the year is Marsala, an earthy and robust wine red. Various shades of blue, gray and indigo are also trending in 2015. For example, PPG Pittsburgh Paints picked Blue Paisley as its color of the year. The cool palette accents a home that is sophisticated and modern, but can also add life to a country classic home.

Create a gallery wall

Stay out of the overwhelmed zone when choosing how to add character and reinvent your home’s style. You don't have to overhaul your kitchen or knock down walls to make a statement. Create a gallery wall and fill it with items that reflect your unique style. You might opt for traditional family photos in quirky frames.

Next, dig out favorite postcards, your children’s artwork, old letters or cards to artfully display. Make it elegant with antiqued or simple silver frames on a freshly painted wall. Finish the look with ornate mirrors as accent pieces, or anchor your gallery with a recurring theme like mountain photos.

Mix up your style sensibilities

Functional style meets rustic elegance in 2015. Pick metallic furniture and accents along with rustic touches including distressed chairs and mix them together. The end result is a refined, elegant style with an organic feel. If a marriage of rustic and metallic isn’t for you, try mixing together two of your favorite styles and see what happens. Add exquisite light fixtures in bold colors over a soft, muted rug and sofa. Choose coordinating throw pillows and blankets that complement your fixtures, and tie the room together with a unique piece of art.

Add elegance to your windows

It's easy to overlook your windows when you're obsessing over new artwork, furniture and accent pieces. An elegant window can anchor your room and bring together your style for a cohesive and fluid look. Frame oversized windows with long, icy blue curtains and pick up matching sofa pillows in the same color. Transform your home and add more dimensions to quirky areas. You can transform that abandoned alcove by the window into a cozy reading area with long drapes to create a privacy area. Trick the eye and turn short, awkward windows into lean and elegant frames by attaching a curtain rod several feet above the top frame.

Transform your fixtures

Gold fixtures and accents are hot in 2015 and make an elegant, retro statement. Opt for bright gold light fixtures, faucets and lamps. Gold lacquered frames and pillows can tie together the new golden touch in your home. Be careful to choose a shiny finish and stray from anything that feels cheap or just looks off in your home. Gold can breathe elegance into your home, but the wrong hue can make it look like your house got stuck in a time warp.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I love your tip about creating a gallery wall in my home to add character to it and make a statement. My wife and I recently moved into a two-story apartment, and we’re trying our best to design it in an elegant manner. I’ll share this tip with my wife so we can start looking for shops that sell framed art photographs for home design. Thanks a lot!

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