Designing the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Your bedroom should be the one room in the house that you can retire to and escape from the rest of the world. It should be a warm, welcoming space that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, in order to settle down for a fabulous night’s sleep. Whilst your homes interior may follow a similar design style throughout each room, your bedroom is one room that you can be a little different with.

You have the control to let your personal style flow and create the bedroom of your dreams. Here is a selection of key things to consider when designing your bedroom, to ensure it’s as tranquil and cosy as you always imagined.


Adopt Delicate Colours

Bedroom décor is something that needs to be considered properly to ensure your room looks and feels exactly how you want it too. The colours used within your bedroom will contribute to the overall atmosphere that your bedroom has, which you want to be warm, welcoming and relaxing. For many people, adopting a delicate, neutral colour scheme works really well as colours such as beige, brown, grey and cream are ideal for creating a soft, welcoming feel. For those who want to add some bright, bold colour to the room, this can be done through final touches and additional details that you can add to your room as you go through the decorating process.

Suitable Layout

Adding furniture to a room can often be a challenge, especially when it’s bedroom furniture. You find in most bedrooms that the bed is the focal point within the room, so positioning your bed in a central position is ideal. For the additional bedroom pieces, you can look at placing them around the outskirts of your bedroom. This will keep plenty of floor space available for you to move around your bedroom comfortably, as well as keeping the room open and clear.

For your dream bedroom, you need to consider which furniture pieces you want and what will work best for you. For many, introducing a desk or bookcase is really useful as it gives additional space to work, read a good book or even just do your make-up. There’s also nothing more inviting than a bold bookcase filled with classic novels that allow you to escape for a little while!

Balance the Lighting

One of the most important things to consider with bedroom décor is the lighting. It may not seem like an obvious feature to put too much consideration into, but the lighting within your bedroom plays a large part in the overall feel of the room. Start with the natural lighting, allowing as much as possible to flow through your bedroom. Having natural light flow throughout your bedroom will instantly lift the atmosphere and make your bedroom feel fresh and bright.

For artificial lighting, opting for bright lighting with a yellow tone will really help to create that welcoming feel. When it comes to making the room feel cosy and relaxing, additional lighting options such as candles and smaller spotlights or fairy lights are a lovely touch to give the room a delicate glow that enables you to wind down and switch off.

Comfortable Pieces

It goes without saying that everyone’s dream is to have a warm, cosy bedroom with a huge snuggly bed that you just can’t wait to jump into. Whilst the beautiful light oak furniture, stylish curtains and bold personal touches may make your room look inviting and personal to you, the best way to get that comfortable feel is to introduce snuggly details that are going to help you relax and drift off. From beautifully soft carpets, to thick, snuggly bedding, you can introduce comfortable pieces in a number of different ways.

For your bedding, look at investing in a thick, warm duvet with some quality cotton sheets, accompanied by some stylish scatter cushions and a gorgeous throw. Not only will this dress your bed and create a stunning focal point, but it will also provide you with a bed that you’ll never want to leave!

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