Great Kitchen Renovation Tricks

You made a renovation of the interior of your entire property about six years ago and now almost everything is still up to date but this does not apply for your kitchen which is already showing signs of age. Am I right? Like it or not, what’s happening to your kitchen is a normal process. This room requires regular maintenance to be kept fresh, and still after a certain period of time it becomes the first one that needs some serious renovation. Sadly enough, it is also the most expensive to renovate, and what’s more, the process can be extremely time-consuming.

Instead of spending all of your money on a whole new kitchen, my advice is to modernise your old one by simply investing in a few simple changes that will do the same job and will save you both time and money.



Clean and maintained windows reveal a lot about a kitchen and its owner. Cleaning the windows is only the first half of your work. The second one is to change the old blinds or add any if there is no. My suggestion is to focus your attention on fabric roller-blinds in neutral tones. They will keep your privacy while letting natural light in the room at the same time. Washable fabrics are required when windows are situated behind a sink or on a place where they may easily get greasy. A really smart solution in situations like this is to use forgiving colours.


Paint Solutions

When you need to renovate your kitchen quickly and economically, try some paint solutions. Use paint to freshen any surface around your kitchen such as floors, cabinets, furniture and even white goods. Regularly visit your paint specialist to gain information about the latest paint trends and innovations.


New Handles

Changing the cabinet handles doesn’t require much time or expense but can totally change the style of your dated kitchen and make it more attractive and modern. There is a wide variety of styles, shapes, materials and colours from which you can choose on the market.



As you probably already know splashbacks are used to protect the wall behind the stove top from grease and grime. Changing them is also a good opportunity for a quick and gorgeous refreshment. By choosing from the wide range of splashbacks free on the market you can easily reveal your personal style. Be careful when choosing the material! It should be non-flammable, non-porous and easy to clean.



You may think that the tapware is a minor detail that nobody notices, but the truth is that when you enter a kitchen, your eye is automatically drawn to the sink. A new design of a tapware will not only be a great addition to finish the design of your kitchen by making it more representative but could also make your cooking a lot easier and fun if you choose some easy to use extendable taps with pull-out nozzles. If you are not of a creative nature, you could take ideas from some magazines, restaurants or hotels.

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