6 Steps to the Perfect Home Improvement Project

The charming beachside village of Coconut Grove and the luxurious town of Bay Harbour Islands inspired me to dream of dwelling at such an exciting location as Miami. On a recent trip to Miami, I got reacquainted with an old friend who lives beachside in South Miami. He was delighted to see me, and was enthusiastic about showing me his home that had recently been remodeled.Home Interior

On our way to his home, he couldn't stop talking about the beauty of his newly renovated home. He described everything from the interior design to the garden and poolside makeover, going into detail about every step of the home improvement process. In addition to flaunting his newly remodeled home, he also shared some impressive views on home improvement with me.

He gave me his step-by-step plan and some great tips on a successful home improvement project.

  1. Have a Plan.

The home improvement vision should be clear and distinct. The more changes made once the project begins, the more issues you will run into throughout the project. Be sure to calculate long term repair and maintenance costs, estimated time for completion, energy required for the project, sketches for interior and exterior work, and any other aspects of the renovation project before starting.

  1. Choose the Right Contractor.

It is important to bring a reputable contractor on board, and to provide them with the correct address, start date, and all other information to be included in the contract. He gave the project to a well-known interior designing and architecture company out of Miami.

  1. Request an Estimate.

My friend estimated the price he could afford with no strain on his pocket, and designed the layout of his home improvement project based on that amount. He worked closely with the hired contractor to be sure that the improvements made were within his expected budget.

Home Interior

  1. Make Changes to Fixtures and Fabrications.

He expanded the size of a living area and bedroom by visibly cutting the garden and backyard edges. The larger built-up area added a different décor style to his home, with the noticeable design changes and new furnishings. He also replaced old fixtures with new, cost and energy saving fittings with more appealing designs.

He drafted the ceiling with aesthetic work and selected the combination of vinyl and engineered wood flooring, which is not prone to moisture and therefore best suited from beachside homes.

  1. Spice up the Kitchen. Brighten up the Bedroom and Bathrooms.

He spared enough space in his bedroom to park a large cozy sofa set, which extends from one corner to another, providing a serene place for an afternoon nap. He attached a separate vanity room to the bathroom, where one can enjoy taking a bath in the large tub, and then come out of the zone fully dressed up.

Furthermore, he completely changed the cooking area by creating a restaurant-like and luxurious gourmet kitchen area, with high-end appliances and separate areas and drawers for everything. A big kitchen island at the center makes everyone feel like they are eating at a restaurant, and give a great feel to the room.

  1. Create Color Contrast.

The colors in his home are spectacular, with different shades of colors and stylish contrast schemes throughout the home. The paint color schemes in both the interior and exterior are truly a thing of beauty.

The content was provided Miami’s top builder MV Group.

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