How to Start & What to Consider In a Kitchen Renovation Project?

A kitchen renovation is a complex task for many as they are anxious about how to start a kitchen renovation project and next what should be considered in a kitchen renovation project. A major kitchen renovation can provide the final outcome that can fetch an ROI (i.e. return on investment) of between 59% and 69% of the cost.

The Starting Point for a Kitchen Overhaul

The kitchen is an essential part of every modern household regardless of its size. When remodelling a kitchen, you should consider functionality, longevity, efficiency and style. A kitchen should last for 20 years or more, so choose a layout that works for your family’s lifestyle. Moreover select cabinets that you love, and a suitable for kitchen and every day life.

The following things are the starting point of your kitchen renovation project:

  • Decide clear objectives for your kitchen renovation.
  • Proper planning for budget and space is required.
  • Personalise the kitchen area to suit your lifestyle.
  • It’s imperative to know how much cabinetry you’ll require, to keep your stuff.
  • Make room for additional storage and increase the storage space for difficult configurations.
  • Make sure about kitchen appliances. Which type of appliances will be covered under current kitchen package or offer.

Kitchen Renovation Considerations

When planning your kitchen renovation, think regarding the room’s current layout and your budget. Not only should your kitchen reflect your lifestyle, but also it should accommodate your cooking requirements and provide the type of space you need for dining along with an adequate storage space.

The decoration of your kitchen renovation should match with your home’s architecture, which will set the tone for gatherings that occur there. Although, many factors play into a kitchen design; however, the first step is to set some objectives for your space. Visit a cabinet showroom, where you can find display kitchen cabinets & accessories to get perfect idea about various colours styles of cabinets. After selection of the required cabinetry, you can then move on to choose the latest kitchen appliances as per your preferences.

custom made kitchen

The essential elements that require being dealt with are mentioned below:

  • Total space availability
  • Direction of the sunlight
  • How does the kitchen connect with nearby rooms?
  • Lifestyle of the homeowner
  • Dining Area Space
  • Countertop Area Space
  • Bar Area (If require)
  • Building’s condition
  • Budget


In a small kitchen, every inch of space is vital. The layout will be dictated by the size of your kitchen; for instance – Can a prep sink be accommodated? Is there space for an island? Is there room for some added storage? Can you setup the bar area? (If there is an outdoor kitchen)

Existing Layout

  • Take time to think about what you like about your existing kitchen as you consider kitchen layout.
  • Is your cooking routine accommodated by the workflow?
  • When more than one person is cooking, how efficient is your kitchen?
  • Can you effortlessly move from the range to the sink?
  • In the space, how do you move around?

As you start planning for your kitchen renovation, the points that are mentioned above are some of the questions you should be asking yourself?


Changing your mind on materials and finishes will give you the quickest way to estimate your kitchen renovation budget. For a complete kitchen renovation, set a practical budget that figures between 7% and 10% of your home’s value. You need to determine where to save and where to go beyond.

Final Words

When you visit reputed kitchen showroom or kitchen display centre, you will be able to see many different options for your upcoming kitchen renovation project you can also see the traditional or contemporary display kitchen options and thus you will be in a better position to decide as to which type of kitchen layout and interiors you require and which of the latest kitchen appliances you need, to ease out everyday chores of the kitchen.

If you have any questions, please ask below!