Fresh Interior Design Ideas for 2013

Every season sees new interior design trends coming and going. Some old and traditional ideas keep resurfacing while there are so new trends that people like to try out as well. Your home is a reflection of your personality and interior designing is a way for you to show that. Your ideas can be bold, modern, or traditional but you must remember to keep a balance. Don't stifle your creativity and set it free for ideas to blossom.

Interior designing on your own has many benefits as well. You can do whatever you like and don't have to restrict yourself based on the ideas of others. You can research the trends and use all of them to make a personal statement. Remember that you should use old ideas creatively for new results. Following are some interior design ideas that would spark your creativity.

Stunning Vinyl Flooring


When vinyl was introduced into the world of interior design, it was an instant hit, and there has been no looking back for this trend. People still love it and adore it in their houses. The best thing about vinyl is the room it offers you for creativity and design. Modern interior designers and manufacturers dabble in the variety that vinyl offers. Vinyl can be made to imitate the feel and look of bamboo, wood, and even stone. A new trend in this is recycled wooden flooring for a rugged but quaint look. The little marks and stamps that come with recycled wood vinyl flooring are stylish and perky and people are embracing it.

Furniture In Peppy Colors

Furniture In Peppy Colors

Recently, the furniture trends had been leaning towards couches and pillows in neutral colors and somber shades. However, that trend has been turned upside down as bright colors are making their way into the interior decorating world. Hot pink upholstery or even turquoise and citrus are frequently seen in modern homes that are embracing the trend. You can go for color blocking but make sure that you don't mix more than three colors together or it would look overwhelming. There was never a better time to see all your favorite colors together in your house furniture.

Layered Rugs For Floors

Layered Rugs

Many people invest more on rugs than they do on flooring. The reason could be that if you change your mind or want something new on your floor, you can instantly replace your rugs and achieve a new look. It is also a unique and quick way to give your room a little makeover without spending too much. Rugs have always been the popular choice but the latest trend seems to be layered rugs on the floors. A large rug is placed at the bottom and smaller rug decorates the top. The color combinations are interesting as well, and you can go for either color blocking or even neutral complementing color shades.

Beautiful Wallpapers on Ceilings

Wallpapers on Ceilings

Wallpapers have always been used to change the look of a room. Change the wallpaper of your bedroom, and it gives a new feel to the entire room. The new trend in interior decorating has shifted this idea to the ceiling. If the area is small, go for nice complicated and busy patterns for your ceilings. You can also go dark. Wallpapering the ceiling would certainly take a lot of time and efforts but the results are marvelous and an interior decoration success.

Bright Colors Are Here to Stay

Bright Colors living room

The best thing about this trend is that it feels really summery and is fresh, creatively speaking. Bright colors make the room look happier and more alive, but the best thing is the sudden life they infuse in your interior decoration. Orange, green, and blue seem to be the favorites when it comes to colors this season. Also, colors from the 1970s are making a comeback as well with burnt and mellow orange, and turquoise, taking you down the memory lane.

Don't change everything at once or you won't know what works and what doesn't. Make small changes and observe how they look before you take up your next project. You could start from the bedroom and leave the living room for last because that requires the most attention.

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