The Velvet Renaissance in Interior Design in 2014

velvet chairs

Velvet… Any associations?

Personally, I always think about Italian Baroque, about the excessive luxury of the Louvre, about damsels in distress and noble knights (or more likely about their castles and gowns). For centuries, this magnificent fabric has been a symbol of affluence, a trademark of the rich and the famous so to speak. However, after the Industrial Revolution and the upheaval of the working class velvet was stigmatized and lost its rightful place in every respectable home.

New, more sensible fabrics took over. However, this year’s hottest trend not only in interior design but in clothing, too is the nostalgia to epochs long gone. Designers turn once again to this magnificent material for its rich and deep colours with fascinating undertones, its luxurious touch and the unrivalled trademark. Velvet tapestry, upholstery and accessories will once again dominate stylish homes in 2014, so let’s take a look at how the industry leaders interpret the use of velvet at home.

Velvet from Floor to Ceiling

velvet tapestryThe impossible has happened once again. In an apartment in New York’s famous Upper East Side, the master bedroom has been tapestried with dazzling amethyst velvet wallpaper. No one will ever dispute the appeal this silky wall covering holds. However, the practical will ask about the maintenance of such expensive "wallpaper". As odd as it sounds, should you go all velvet, you would most likely need to book upholstery cleaning for your walls as well as your soft furniture. Therefore, I place this room first but with a warning: Don’t go overboard with the luxe!

Velvet With a Roar

velvet sofaNormally, I wouldn’t play devil’s advocate and advice you to get animal prints for your home in 2014. however, there is something about the eclectic design of the room and the odd, yet eye-catching combination of pink and grey that simply can’t go unnoticed.

Velvet With a Modern Twist

Velvet Floor CushionsWhile regal design and 70’s grunge are the best styles to use with velvet. The experts from VelvetLab have prepared a real feast for the senses with their 2014 collection of contemporary velvet room accessories. Sofa and floor cushions will make every space deliciously cos, while velvet lampshades add playfulness and a cheerful mood to every room.

Purple Velvet

purple velvet upholsteryBy now you are most likely wondering what are the best colours for velvet. While vibrant red, mesmerizing deep blue and emerald green are classics, in 2014 we have a new colour which you simply must consider-purple. From lilac to deep, dark shades, this is definitely the signature colour of the year. Even better, purple velvet upholstery will make any room pop out and look even better. If you want to class up your living room-purple velvet is certainly the way to go!

Retro Velvet

Adam Levine's homeAdam Levine from Maroon 5 also has a taste for velvet. The amazing deep purple velvet-upholstered sofa in his Hollywood Hills complements the retro design of the living room along with the rosewood-panelled walls. Each of the accessories starting with the vintage Stilnovo floor lamp to the "carelessly" scattered guitars and the elaborately framed print add character to the space and create one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

velvet ottomanTo make a statement and prove he has amazing taste. Adam has also placed a dazzling red velvet ottoman in his music room. The combination of fascinating red and the polished piano certainly stimulates creativity. No wonder Maroon 5 has so many hits lately!

Royal Velvet

regal velvetNo matter how many options you have to add velvet to your home decor, one thing is for sure, velvet always looks best in regal interiors. Whether it’s history and hundreds of pictures of velvet-covered castle walls or simply the elegant and graceful look of this fabric, you should decide on your own.

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