Bring Your Hallway to Life on a Budget

hallwayFor most people, their hallway is merely the zone for entering or leaving the home, and it is often neglected when it comes to style and decor considerations. Yet, a tidy, practical and inspiring hallway can boost the appeal to your home’s entrance and deserves as much design attention as any other room. Here are some budget-busting hallway ideas to think about.

Wear and tear

Your hallway is your home’s hotspot for traffic-it’s the one place that will see people coming in and out with regularity. Because of this, a hallway can easily suffer from general wear and tear such as scuff marks, faded carpets and a general build up of grime traipsed in from the outside elements. There are lots of things you can do to easily inject life back into your hallway, and simply cleaning the floor and walls, and wiping away marks left from passers-by, is often a major step in the right direction.

Add colour

Decorating your hallway is also worth considering if yours has been looking somewhat lacklustre of late. If you decide on freshening up with a lick of paint, opt for durable, hard-wearing brands, and choose colours that add a sense of space to the room. If your hallway is a long, thin passage then plump for light, bright colours, which will cheer this area up, as well as make it feel bigger. But who says you have to stick to paint? With a wide range of affordable wallpapers to choose from, you could create a super stylish effect by opting for a trendy pattern or wallpaper design for your hallway.

Tackle the clutter

Hallways also have the tendency to easily get cluttered, with discarded shoes and coats piling up, and unwanted mail left on the side table to multiply. It’s little wonder that the hallway can soon become an unloved area. Invest in some affordable storage solutions, and get to work on the clutter. Only leave the shoes out that you are wearing this season, and consider getting a stylish shoe box or rack to keep them tidy. Be creative in what you use to store your shoes. For instance, a large wine rack can make a great way to store shoes. Scour charity shops or flea markets for interesting storage vessels that could add appeal to your hallway.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror is a must-have feature for any discerning hallway. Not only is it vital for that final check before you go out, but a mirror can create a sense of space in a room, making it a great asset for this often-small area of the home.


Hallways often suffer from poor lighting, either because of their size or the lack of windows, so it’s essential to ensure you have adequate lighting in this area. There are lots of lighting options to choose from, especially if you are on a budget. Even a small table lamp in the hallway can add zest to a dreary area, and can create a warm, welcoming feel to anyone who enters the house.

Wall space

Because the hallway attracts most traffic in the home, make the most of the available wall space you have. Whether you choose to add some of your favourite family photos to the walls, a few stylish prints or incorporate some floating shelves, little touches can make all the difference.

Hallways are often neglected but you can bring them to life with a few small changes. If your internal doors are affecting the way your hallway looks you can always change them with oak doors for a chic look.

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