Choosing the Adequate Lighting for Your Home

living-room-lightsWhen it comes to decorating the room interior, lighting layout is one such factor that most of us tend to ignore but if implemented in a proper manner, it can have a significant impact on overall presence and the feeling of the room. Lack of proper lighting can even make an otherwise well decorated room interior appears dark and shabby, without any visual appeal. Lighting is all about aesthetics, tasks, ambiance and creating a better atmosphere in your house.

Nowadays, the three major categories of lighting that are enjoying widespread applications in both private residences as well as commercial establishments include accent lights, diffuse lighting and task lights. Each of these will yield different results and from a user’s point of view, you need to understand the differences to make the most out of it. Focus on your home and think whether it has all the required lighting qualities of your liking.

1. Be very specific about your lighting objectives: As mentioned above, different lighting is meant for different purposes. While task or direct lighting is best suited to be used in your workplace, indirect lighting can be used to provide better ambiance and total lighting of a room. Ideally, try to set a separate mood for each of your rooms and use the lighting that best reflects the mood that you expect the lighting to serve.

2. Make sure that you provide proper lighting on your home exterior for safety & security: While too bright exterior lighting may turn out to be far too expensive and irritating for your neighbors, too fade of lighting can effectively serve as a welcome sign for burglars. Hence, the best thing that you can do is to light the front entry, sidewalks, walkways and other parts of your home exterior with ambient lighting.

3. Make use of the exterior wall sconces to enrich the home décor: Why not try out something different that can help you stand apart from the rest? Wall sconces are well equipped to provide beams of light against your exterior walls to create a beautiful ambiance after sunset. Moreover, directional sconces that point downwards or upwards can be used to focus on plantings, exterior niches and architectural elements in and around your home.

4. Use Multiple Sources of light inside your home: Use multiple light sources for the different rooms to create a soothing ambiance. For instance, using under counter lights in your kitchen can serve as fabulous task lighting. Whereas, thinking of a living room, a nice small floor lamp placed next to your reading chair or a crouch can do the job for you. In washrooms, ensure that the mirror lighting is totally from glaring light and shadows.

5. Use recessed lighting for the high ceilings: This type of lighting is installed on a metallic platform and offer additional subtlety and directional capabilities. It can easily be connected to the dimmer switches to provide a full range of light ranging from subtly dim to total brightness to enlighten an entire space.

6. Do not forget to use night lighting in your kid’s room: Night lights are not only essential to ensure that children don’t get scared but it can also assist the parents pass through the dark rooms. A table lamp or a dim wall sconce can serve as the perfect night lighting for nurseries & kid’s rooms.

7. In dining and living areas, use the chandeliers intelligently: Chandeliers come in a variety of designs starting from the small bulbs and faux candles to the more expensive crystal embedded varieties. Measure your room space and ceiling height before placing an order to make sure that it does not eat up your space and provide sufficient headroom beneath the hanging chandelier.

Setting up a proper atmosphere in your home is never going to be a cakewalk but if you follow these simple tips, it’s not going to be too difficult either. For more ideas and inspiration, you can also refer to the online décor, catalogs, lighting stores and fashion magazines.

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