6 Principles for a Nice Clean Looking House


A marathon cleaning session is that type of cleaning we do when we are waiting for last minute guests, If you are a working woman or a man, performing deep cleaning is just impossible. You will simply not have the time and in the best case scenario, you’ll be able to do it only twice a year. In order to stave the marathon cleaning sessions off, read the tips below.

1. Chuck The Stuff You Don’t Use

Stuff usually keeps piling up as days go by. We are emotionally tied to our stuff, but if you just think about how much time it takes to clean it every week, you will realize that things should be changed. Start with admitting to yourself which items are really useful to you and which are not. For instance, if you are always drinking your morning tea in a mug instead of a teacup, then maybe you should donate that teacups or give them to a friend who will love using them.

2. Have an Outbox

Sometimes, it’s hard to make a decision what to throw and what to keep, especially if they have a meaning for you, or you have paid good money, or are inherited, etc. That’s why an outbox comes in handy. It could be a bag, or a box, or a spot in the closet. Just put stuff there for a while. Then it will be easier to make rational decisions.

3. Quality Over Quantity

There is no need to keep four-five sets of teacups, if you don’t use them or if your guests prefer coffee. Or to buy more than 2-3 sets of sheets. It’s better to have two beautiful, expensive sets, instead of a lot, but cheap, ugly and low quality. The feeling to lay on a luxury cotton sheets is indescribable. It’s a real pleasure. Indeed, your life will get a lot simpler, if you cut down buying things you really don’t need at all.

4. Put Things Back After Using Them

If you can just put things back after use, it will be enough to render your home clean. It’s the simplest tip for a clean, organized house. You just have to rethink where you should keep your stuff and if putting some of them away is taking you a lot of time, then you should really consider changing their place. That way, you will stop leaving your sharpie in the freezer or the extra set of sheets under your mattress.

5. Make One Thing In Every Room A Priority Item

Kitchen is clean when there are no dirty dishes in the sink. The same could be applied to the rest of the rooms. Just find that place which if you always keep clean, will make the whole room look clean. For the bedroom that means the bed to be made, for the living room-the coffee table to be cleared away, the desk to be free of papers, and so on. It’s not so hard to make a good impression.

6. Use A Landing Strip

For most people it’s just a place, where they put their keys or the mail, but actually it’s more than a key holder. You can make this landing strip a place where you can leave the important things for the next day, some kind of a launch pad. You can leave the your dry cleaning receipt, or the paper electricity bill. This tip could be counted as an organizing rather than a cleaning tip, but actually, an organized home always looks clean.

Getting a clean home is not that hard. A proper organization, cleaning motivation and desire are enough. Once you get used to these tips, you will definitely make your life easier.

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