Different Methods of Cleaning a Carpet

If you own a carpet in your house, cleaning it is a must. It is quite common for carpets to catch the dirt. And if you do not clean it on a regular basis, it won't take much time for the quality of the carpet to get deteriorated. However, cleaning the carpet at home is not an easy task. Especially for high-quality carpets, a single wrong step can damage them. So, it is a good idea to go for professional help. You can approach several carpet cleaning companies, which offer their services to clean these products. Each one of them uses different types of carpet cleaning methods. Some of these include:

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Hot water extraction cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Dry carpet cleaning

Here's a quick look at the details of a few of them.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the latest methods, which are being embraced by the carpet cleaner. It helps to make the carpet free from dirt. Moreover, it does not take any time for drying, as no water is applied during the process.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This process involves cleaning of the carpet by using hot water at a high pressure. The primary objective is to cause a disruption in the fibres of the carpet where the dirt has settled. The soiled surface of the carpet is usually applied the cleaning agent and left aside for some time. And once it is done, it is brushed properly to agitate the dirt on the carpet surface. It is then rinsed vigorously to get the dirt out of the surface of the carpet. This usually leaves the carpet wet and it takes a long time to dry. So, if a carpet is given a hot water extraction cleaning, you can't use it until the next day.


This process uses the synthetic detergents for cleaning the carpet surface. These detergents usually crystallize once it is left on the carpet surface for a long time. Moreover, along with it, the dirt particles also get crystallized. And once it happens, you can brush these particles off to get a clean carpet for your home. For better results, you can also use your vacuum cleaner. Once the carpet is encapsulated, it is expected to provide improved response to the use of vacuum cleaner. Hence, you will surely get a clean carpet within a short time.


Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is one of the best forms of carpet cleaning, which depends heavily on the machines. No doubt, it helps to get the carpet clean, but the process is a complicated one. You need a heavy duty motorized machine, which has a spinning pad, to clean the carpet through such a process. This spinning pad is immersed in a cleaning solution, which plays a major role in absorbing the dirt from the surface of the carpet. However, this process primarily cleans the surface of the carpet. Hence, it is able to give the product a look almost akin to a new one. However, bonnet cleaning is not a long-term solution, as it does not clean the carpet properly and the dirt remains inside. Hence, only after a few days, you can expect the dust to come up. Hence, the carpet gets soiled again.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the most common methods of carpet cleaning. It was used extensive across different industries for this purpose as well, until the more advanced ways were introduced. Carpet shampooing, no doubt, helps to get the carpet cleaned properly. With it, you can do away with almost all the dirt that gets accumulated on the surface and the fibres of the carpet. However, there's a negative aspect as well. This process uses shampoos and water. Hence, it leaves the carpet wet, which takes a long time to dry and be ready for future use.

The process of cleaning a carpet is not an easy one. But the different ways of doing it, which have been introduced over time, are helping to clean the carpet with ease.

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