New Carpet Installation: 5 Basic Tips to Ease Your Life

New Carpet Installation: 5 Basic Tips to Ease Your LifeOne of the downsides of living in a large metro area like Atlanta is that everything concerning your house interior is more expensive. Luckily, the least expensive flooring material is also one of the most popular for a good reason. The soft feel of the carpet is a perfect solution for your tired feet. Particularly popular in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and hallways, a carpet installation is an option that feels as good as it looks.

Choosing The Carpet Fiber

The single most important decision you’ll ever make for your carpet is the selection of the carpet fiber. Some materials respond better than other to sunlight, moisture, dirt and aging. As there is no shortage of carpet damaging elements, installing a carpet is a particularly sensitive operation. Getting a low quality carpet means that normal foot traffic might have you replace it after only a few years. On the other hand, choosing high quality fibers can lead to a floor that will last decades if well cared for.

Wool: The most coveted carpet fiber. Older wool fibers that have become saturated will naturally shed and keep your carpet colorful and plush.

Nylon: It’s the most popular synthetic carpet fiber on the market. It’s the closest approximation to the natural wool fibers. It is middling as far as cost, cheaper than wool and more expensive than other synthetics.

Other synthetic fibers: Polyester, acrylic and olefin are the most common low-cost alternatives of wool and nylon. These fibers will need to be kept clean and protected from sunlight to retain color and feel.

Choosing The Carpet Padding

Some homeowners wrongly believe that the thicker the carpet padding, the better. Actually, the best measure of carpet padding is its density. A denser carpet pad will hold up better under the pressure and stress of heavy furniture, standing on your carpet, and other weight. Thicker pad will create a softer carpet, but without a certain density, your carpet will quickly worsen, regardless of the quality of the fiber.

Carpet Installation Cost Advice

Generally, the cost depends on the size of the installation and the quality of the chosen carpet. You should attempt to match the initial cost of the installation with how long you plan for the carpet to last. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning will be required to make sure your carpet ages as desired and expected.

Finding Carpet Installation Contractor

Many homeowners make the mistake to run to the nearest outlet store to find and purchase their carpet. Don’t be fooled by questionable promotions and pushy salesman. First find a carpet installation contractor as they can give you unbiased advice about different lines of carpeting. By soliciting estimates directly from contractors as well as carpet outlet stores, you can be sure to find the most appropriate carpet for the desired price.

Post-Carpet Installation: Cleaning and Recycling

One of the most important part of maintaining your new carpet installation is the proper cleaning. Heavy traffic and tracked-in dirt add up to a carpet that will wear out prematurely if it isn’t taken care of. Vacuuming at least once in a week is a must. Deep cleaning is also necessity, as it removes damaging particles from deep within your carpet. Many carpet manufacturers recommend a thorough cleaning sessions at least once every 6 to 12 months to keep up appearance and performance.

Carpet recycling is another thing to consider during any carpet installation. It’s just another way of reducing waste and making the world a greener place. Many carpet companies will offer recycling of the old carpet up front. If the company you choose doesn’t, make it a point and ask them if and where your old carpet can be recycled.


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