Tips On Bringing Out The Talents in Your Child

Fun Garden Child Playing Young Youth Play BoyWe all are here with a mission, with a purpose and we all have at least one talent that is unique to us.This is a thing that we all must accept, more so the parents who are involved in the upbringing of their children. The duties of every hands-on parent are to give the best of values, nourishment, education, environment to their children and the challenge of every parent is to bring out the very best of their children.

With the world growing more competitive, the concern of every parent is to help their children live up to their potentials, work at their level best, and grow up to become responsible and self-actualized human beings.

With the improvement in the living standards around the globe, creation, and availability of new types of jobs, rising job security, reduction in working hours, evolving work-life balance, diminished security threats, the focus of all parents has shifted to the ultimate level of human needs – self-actualization need.

Under this type of need, it is just not enough for an individual to survive, but it’s important for him/her to thrive. Not to do just any work to remain employed, but to work remaining true to one’s own calling.

In this time and age, parents are keen on bringing out the latent talents of their children, but they do seldom know the means to do so.

Parents can bring out the latent talent(s) of their children with the following steps:

  1. Spend quality time and observing the liking of your child

As the first teachers of their children, parents need to spend quality time with them and encourage them to cultivate a hobby according to their liking. The more quality time parents spend with their children, the more they will get to know the abilities and liking of their children. Also spending time is not enough in itself, parents should observe closely what their children like and they should encourage their children to pursue their passions.

  1. Encourage them to pursue their passions and interests

Parents can get a whiff of their children’s talents by encouraging them to pursue their passions and interests. More often than not, children tend to pursue those passions and interests they are talented in. A child showing passion in music can grow up to become a great musician if he/she is encouraged to take up music as a serious hobby due to the time spent in mastering the craft. Talent is the combination of aptitude and hard work and talent can be developed with persistent effort.

  1. Limit their time with gadgets and encourage them to be outdoorsy

A child confined to a couch and a TV screen cannot realize its true potential. It’s important for parents to limit their children’s time with TV or any other gadgets and encourage them to spend their leisure time outdoors. When a child is pushed out of its comfort zone then its true talents actually come to fore. Moreover, sunlight and starry skies help children to be more imaginative and creative.

  1. Give them space

Apart from trying to spend quality time with their children, parents should also give space to them to reflect and contemplate what they really want from life. Every child needs space to see the big picture and mull over the bigger questions in life.

  1. Taking them to various competitions and exhibitions

Parents should be ever ready to take their children to competitions and exhibitions when such events are organized in their neighborhood. Exhibitions and competitions are inspiring for children as they get to see people from all walks of life showcasing their talents and vying for awards in all fair means. Such events can inspire children to put their best foot forward and become the best version of them.

  1. Organizing play dates and encouraging them to be social

This may apparently seem to work mostly for extroverted children, but numerous studies have found that play dates and friendly sessions among children bring the best out of them. When children are with their peers, they are natural and unpretentious and they don’t seek out to impress anyone. They remain true to themselves and behave spontaneously. This spontaneity brings out their hidden talents.

  1. Teach them to act responsibly and dutifully

When children are being given some responsibilities and duties to perform, they remain on their toes and perform diligently. When they are told about the expectations, they remain cautious and can even surprise you with the maturity they act even when performing under mild pressure.

With automation and mechanization predicted to replace most monotonous and menial tasks, specialized skills and unique talents are the way to future. Mediocrity is a thing of past and talent is required for every activity now, more than ever before. Hence, it is the duties and responsibilities of parents to find out the talent(s) of their children by which they can find their true callings and can make the world a better place.

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