A Teen Mom's Relationship with Her Unborn Child

pregnant-womanWhen a woman becomes pregnant, it is usually a time for celebration and planning for the new addition to the family. Many women have been through pregnancy and childbirth before, but what about the teenage girl, who suddenly finds herself pregnant? This can turn a joyful time into an uncertain, sometimes scary, event. This article will discuss the relationship you can have with your baby before birth.

You are probably asking yourself how you can have a relationship before your baby is even born. Believe me, you and your baby will bond way before the child's birth. Your baby starts as a small egg, but quickly begins the journey to the baby you see at birth. Some may say it's not really a baby until it's born, but believe me when I say there is a little person growing inside of you and it doesn't have to be scary. As you go about your day, whether you are in school or at home, talk to your baby about what you are doing.

It is different for every mom, but around 2 or 3 months, you will start feeling your baby's first movement. At first, it feels like little butterfly wings in your stomach. As the baby grows, you will begin to feel stronger movement until you actually feel the little foot kicking you. When you start feeling this kicking, you can start playing with your baby. Every time you feel that little foot, push back gently or act like you are tickling it. It may sound silly, but the baby will like it and that's what counts.

Did you know that your baby can hear things outside of your womb? It's totally true. Begin your relationship with your baby by reading to him or her every day. The baby will hear your voice, so be sure to not only read, but just talk to your baby while gently massaging your belly. Your baby will begin to recognize your voice and when that baby is placed in your arms in the birthing room, he or she will already know your voice and know that you are mom. If others have been with you throughout your pregnancy and talked to the baby, he or she will also recognize their voices.Put headphones on your belly and play some soft, soothing music for your baby, who will hear every sound. This will create a calm and soothing effect for the baby.

As a teen mom-to-be, you will experience a certain amount of stress during your pregnancy. Your stress level can also cause stress for your baby. Controlling your level of stress is another way to develop a bonding relationship with your baby. We know that stress is unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to reduce your amount of stress.

Let's look at ways to decrease stress during your pregnancy. The first thing you can do is to own your feelings. That means that you will not ignore your feelings. Talk to a trusted friend or mentor. If you do not feel comfortable with that, keep a journal where you write down these feelings that are stressing you out. Getting those feelings out in the open will make it easier to deal with them and lowering your stress level. If the thing that is stressing you can be eliminated, get rid of it; otherwise find healthy ways to cope with it. Depression can also affect your baby, and some women suffer a certain amount of stress during pregnancy. If depression is troubling you, seek some professional help and work through it.

Your baby is an important part of you and besides being able to hear you the baby can feel fear and be easily startled. In other words, the environment outside your body plays a big factor in your baby's development. If your baby is restless, constantly turning and kicking, help him or her to calm down by gently rubbing your belly, singing a lullaby. Take the time to meditate; close your eyes and think about your baby, imagining the time you will have together after birth. Enjoy this time and make it special.

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