Tips for Creating the Perfect Child’s Bedroom

children-bedroomEvery kid is unique, individual, and different and so also are their preferences. If you are like most parents, you automatically want to go pink for a girl and blue for a boy, but unfortunately, 5 times out of 10, you would be dead wrong.

So here are some ideas for creating the perfect room for your kids. You might want to take these tips to heart unless of course you want your kids to burst into tears every time they see their room.

Pillows - lots of them:

Yes it may seem like a non-sequitur, but if you didn't have a pillow fight as a kid can we see your hands up? Any takers? Exactly. Kids need a room that recognizes their natural exuberance so by all means stuff it full with feather pillows, can't go wrong with that one.

Wall hooks:

Yes, totally out of left wing too, but unless your daily fantasies include stooping every second to pick jackets from the floor, you might want to add some hooks to the walls of their kids' bedroom.

Idolize their Idol:

Every kid has one, and even though it often breaks parents' hearts, those idols are rarely family members. So while a family portrait on the bedside table may not be a bad idea, by all means invest in wallpapers that have bold pictures of their current hero. It could be spiderman, or the little mermaid or even a bunch of wrestlers; if your kid loves it, get it. And of course you do know this keeps changing as they grow don't you?


If you heard this was out of season, you heard wrong. They are great and can suit rooms for kids.


Okay so this one is so basic, we actually thought about leaving it out. A kid's room is a mini-sanctuary as far as they know. To their minds, it is the one place they reign supreme, free from all that pesky adult interference. So yes even if you have 10 kids holed up in one room (which we sincerely doubt), make certain to provide little toy playmates as well.


Some parents make the mistake of filling kids' rooms with the most expensive accessories. In truth, children relax better when they know that they can run around without fear of breaking something, and even when they do break something, it isn't something terribly expensive. So don't put pressure on them by decorating with expensive items.


Kids, being kids, are given to clutter. So try as much as possible to create a room that has lots of open spaces; trust us, you will be glad you did. Buying kids cabin beds or a bunk bed that comes with a desk and some storage space below so that your child has enough space to play, sleep and study in his/her bedroom would be a smart way to create more space.

Educational materials:

No we also do not want you to turn your five-year-old into a Professor at that age, but children tend to absorb what they are constantly exposed to. It never hurts to have decorative pictures and wall posters with say, the Alphabets when your child is a Kindergartener.


These are very important. Make certain you get bed-sheets that reflect say characters from their favourite cartoon, or sports team, etc.


Every child has a favourite colour so by all means find out what it is and use it; there is no better way of making your kids know that you decorated the room with them in mind.

If you have any questions, please ask below!