How to Secure Our New Generation?

Our new generation is our future and the fate of this beautiful world lies in their hands. If they are secured until they are able to secure the world, hopefully, the future world would be more beautiful and more secure for the next generations to come. The new generation is enjoying latest scientific advancements such as laptop & Smartphone, social networks etc and nobody can deny the importance of these devices and services as they have been proven to be very useful for the people of every age group. The advantages of using the internet are unlimited and one must take advantage of it as much as he can.

Is There Any Potential Danger Involved in Using The Internet?

Unfortunately, an easy access to the internet has put our new generation at more vulnerability to get bullied, blackmailed, cheated, misguided and misused. In the recent years, a shocking number of incidents have occurred when young people got themselves into big troubles only because of chatting with strangers online who later turned out to be sexual predators or ruthless criminals. The online criminals are wicked and lure innocent boys and girls into the situations where they can’t resist anymore. Sometimes, the results of using internet insecurely can be extremely horrible for the innocent souls and their loved ones.

Who Is More Responsible to Monitor Kids Activities?

The biggest responsibility falls on parents as well as teachers. Though teachers can’t monitor the activities of children, they can tell them the dangers involved in the use of Smartphone, internet and social media. On the other hand, parents spend more time with their children and thus, they must monitor the activities of their children because if they don’t care what the children are doing, they might get into problems and then parents will be ones who are most worried.

Signs to Figure Out If Young Ones Are In Troubles

You must keep a vigil on the signs of the problem and if you see any of the below-given signs, you must take this seriously before it is too late:

  • Is your young kid giving more time to online activities?
  • Is he/she using computers or Smartphone during the night?
  • Does he/she turn the screen when feel someone is coming?
  • Do new or strange friends call them from unknown numbers?
  • Does your kid look worried or overstressed?
  • Has he/she become timid?
  • Did you receive any gift for them from unknown friends?
  • Does not he go to his college friends?

Tips on How to Secure Young Children

1: Place Computer in a Common Place

The computer should be set in a common room where everyone can easily get in and out. All the children are allowed to use a computer while the screen can be seen by others too. If they insist on setting up the computer in their bedroom or study room, never let them do this because in this way, they will be completely free to talk to anyone on the internet.

2: Use Blocking Programs and Parental Controls

Once the children enter the world of internet, they are free to access any website including potentially perilous websites. Now they are at the mercy of dangerous criminals who may lure them through their soft talk, good behaviour and affectionate attitude. However, you can use website blocking programs to make them stay away from dangerous websites.

3: Check their Online Activities Occasionally

If the young children have their personal accounts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc, you must know the passwords of all the accounts. Check their online activities time to time and see who they are talking and what they are talking. If you find something strange, don’t ignore it but for the safety of your own kids, do a proper investigation.

4: Monitor All Online Services They Avail

Check and confirm if the websites are genuine and really providing services or your kid is just getting scammed. There are thousands of dummy websites which may misuse your child’s personal information in the name of services.

5: Tell Your Children about Online Dangers

Your kids are more of your responsibility and you must tell them about the dangers that they can face while using the internet. Let them know about sexual harassment and victimization so they can keep themselves away from the potential danger. Tell them what could occur if they talk to complete strangers through chats, emails or messages.

Final Word

In this fastest growing world of internet, you can’t stop your kids using social networks because social chitchat has become the part of everyday life for young children. In fact, there is no harm in letting them come into interaction with the world but they must be well aware of the potential dangers so they can keep themselves away from troubles and take maximum advantage of online services and networks.


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  1. Very informative blog, its worth to read
    And lets be mindful, the danger of using internet to kids. We can’t control them on using the internet and social media but, guiding them the pros and cons is the key. Great article indeed

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