Family Tree Maker: Five Reasons to Use It

Store memories for life. Keep pictures alive. And have a place where you can always go back and look at them with all the love in your heart. Family Tree maker helps you organize your relatives, ancestors, pictures and stories in into your own family history website.

If you've lost touch with many of your family members or love going back to your roots and figuring it all out, there's nothing better than a free family tree maker that helps you with it. Thanks to technology, even finding and keeping records of your family and ancestors is not a difficult task anymore. It's easy, convenient and something you can keep coming back to for years and years. If you are still thinking why you need a family tree, here are a few reasons that make it worth the effort.

It's your data

The information in your family tree chart is private and you don't want uninvited visitors seeing your personal details. At, we take your privacy very seriously. You get to control who gets access to your data. You can choose to keep your family tree completely private, so that only invited family members can view or update it, or you can customize your privacy settings to allow some data like deceased ancestors to be available to the public. Our privacy and security settings are fully customizable and easy to use. And if you do choose to leave, your family tree chart and all its information gets deleted. We don't keep your data.

A great way to connect

Not only can you add your family data here, you can also opt to customize the application just the way you want. This is a great way to keep in touch with your family and send out reminders for any upcoming event. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, you can keep everyone posted about every event. And the process is very simple and automated. All you need is names and some details of your family members. This is also a great way to make every member in the family feel special.

Going back to your roots

If you are someone who really wants to know where your ancestors came from, you can do it here. Family trees help you understand where it all started. It's like filling in the blanks to eventually get to a particular point. And suddenly all those uncles and aunts you haven't met in a long time begin to feel much closer. This is a great way to reconnect with all those connections you've missed or lost over the years.

Share photographs

Remember that cousin you were thinking about the other day, but don't know where she is these days? Or the pictures that you thought you had from your childhood days? All this info can be shared through this your family tree. And because this is not some social media website, you know that the stuff you are sharing is only being shared among a handful of family members. If you have some pictures that you want to dedicate a family member on special days like anniversaries, birthdays, etc., this is a great place to share.

You can publish stories

We all have those little stories, legends and myths from our family history that we love to share. Well, free family tree maker really helps in keeping those alive. You can upload pictures with the story and take everyone back in time. This is a great way to share all those heart-warming moments with everyone.


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