Entertaining Children While Moving

moving-kidsMoving house soon and not too sure how to keep your children entertained during the process? Hopefully these tips can help!

Everyone knows moving can be stressful, no matter how far away or close you are moving, it can be a very stressful event for everyone involved, especially your children. That is why it is very important to keep them entertained through the whole process. Keeping your children entertained may seem daunting at first, particularly when you are moving interstate or overseas.

The best ways we have found to entertain children while move have been:

Playing games-Driving a long time or on a plane or any other type of transport? You will definitely need a few games to get you through.

Never forget about the good old "I Spy". If you are not familiar with this game all you need to do is have one person "The Spyer" they are the one who is looking around trying to spot things, once they have decided their chosen thing, they then say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with __". Everyone else then tries to guess what it is. The person who is the first to guest the chosen thing, is then the designated spyer.

This game will only work if you are on the road travelling as it is the "Number Plate Game". This game is also very simple, you take in turns in spotting number plates and using the letter in the number plate to make up a sentence. For example "*** RER" could be rabbit eating raccoon.

Puzzles are also another fun game your children can play while travelling. You are more than likely able to pick up a few different ones at a good price at your local discount store or Big W and Kmart.

Colouring – Discount stores actually sell pads of colouring in paper, which means hours of colouring for your children! You may want to pick up a few different types if your child gets easily sick of the same colouring in pages.

Movies – We understand this option will not be for everyone however, with the increase op iPads and portable laptops putting a movie on for your kids has never been easier. A movie lasts around 90 minutes which can be long enough while travelling to some places. If you are lucky it may also get your children to sleep.

Stories – If you children enjoy talking and listening this could be a good option for you. Everyone takes turn in either making up a story or telling a story of something that may have happened to them previously, such as at school or at daycare, etc.

Plan your new home together-If you have a long distance to travel to your new home you could talk about what your children would like to do at the new place in regards to design, specifically their bedroom. Although there may be a few barriers as their imagination will run wild however, it is good for them to dream and believe they are helping in the move.


If you have any questions, please ask below!