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Engagement Rings-Choose Wisely Or Stay Single!

ringsAn engagement ring is probably one of the most important purchases of a man's life and it is something that you want to get right first time. An engagement ring is a permanent outward symbol of your devotion and love for the woman in your life. For most men, this is the first time they have ever ventured into the wide world of jewellery and so it can be quite a daunting task. But follow a couple of our guide lines to buying an engagement ring and take the pressure out of finding the perfect ring.

Choosing the Gemstone

gemstone-engagement-ringThere is a wide range of choice from diamonds to coloured gemstones. So which do you choose? The traditional choice of ring is the most beautiful diamond that you can afford. But this is not always the case and more and more people are turning to different styles and gemstones in their engagement rings. Many women dream about the proposal and envisage opening the beautiful little box to show a stunning solitaire diamond so make sure you know which she really wants.

If you know that she would like a coloured gemstone then there is a wide range available including emeralds and rubies, tanzanite and sapphires. Think about what her favourite colour is and the colours that she wears most often and base your choices round this.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

It's all very well and good buying the right ring and finding the perfect romantic setting to kneel down and propose on one knee. But it is just as important that the ring fits well. A ring that is too small or too large would be an epic fail.

DeBretts Jewellery explains-The perfect ring size is when the ring fits on your finger comfortably and is easy to wear without the risk of it falling off.There is nothing that can ‘ruin the moment' more than those awkward few minutes when you realise that no amount of tugging and pulling is going to get that ring on that finger!

This does not need to happen; with a little planning you can make sure that the ring is the right size. There are many good reasons for doing so and making sure the ring size is correct is easier than you might have thought. Try using a ring sizing guide for help and advice on getting this important factor of ring buying right first time.

Find Out What She Really Wants

This probably comes as no surprise to you, but you really should find out what your special lady wants in an engagement ring. Leo Hickman, writing for The Guardian, put it this way:

It is all well and good knowing your IFs from your I3s, but if you don’t buy her the right type of engagement ring, all is lost. Perhaps the most important piece of advice is never to surprise her with a diamond ring, and not to buy something according to your own taste.

If your lady has always dreamed that she wanted you to propose to her with a diamond ring then imagine the disappointment when opening the box reveals a sparkling green emerald. If you don't know, then find out.

Some woman would actually quite like to pick out their own engagement ring, and this trend is becoming ever more popular. However, some women really would like to be surprised. Surprising her with your choice of ring shows her how much you care for her and how well you know her tastes and her likes and dislikes. If she doesn't want surprising, however, don't do it!

With a little forethought buying an engagement ring can be a really special time in a man's life. By thinking carefully about his choice and by taking into consideration his lady's preferences he can create a really special romantic moment. Of course, once the choice is made the ring needs to fit! So take special care to find out her ring size before you order your ring.

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