Tips for Moving Forward After a Breakup

moving-forwardYou're not doing well right now. And that's okay.

You've been badly hurt and it will take time to heal wounds. But don't think that it's going to stay that way forever. It will be easier as days go by. Do not rush the recovery. Endure the pain and you will end up stronger.

No looking back.

Yes, you miss him. That is understood given that you have been together for years.

But the relationship is over now. And there's no other direction you ought to go to but forward.

Never call for your old flame or they could have been your exes guys. These people have also hurt you one way or another. It's just that you have already forgotten about it. Can you imagine yourself venting frustrations to your ex for yet another failed relationship? This habit has got to go.

You have your friends anyway if you need company.

Don't take all advice given to you.

Our friends differ in perspective when it comes to relationships. Perhaps one would tell you to not lose hope, while the other would tell you to just let go.

Remember that you are not obliged to follow each advice given to you. Your true friends would not as well take it against you if you decide to do otherwise. If you want, however, to get really good advice, then go to your male friends. They are less likely to sugar coat their opinion.

Cut all forms of communication.

Sure, there are things you want to tell him. You as well want your stuff back, along with the money he owes you. But be honest with yourself.

Can you not survive without those things in your hand? Or are you only letting yourself make excuses just so you can see him again? There's no way you should let your ex see you in a vulnerable state. Delete his number on your phone even if you know it by heart.

Think about this. The longer you keep those thoughts to yourself, the more you will realize it's pointless sharing it with them, especially when you have already moved on.

Unfriend him on Facebook.

Don't go to the extent of blatantly flirting with others or creating fake accounts to show your ex you are doing okay.

You can do better than that, and trust me, that would not impress him. Doing so might only spoil his desire to get you back. To resist temptations of checking his Facebook account, it is best that you unfriend him. Face the reality. You no longer have any business with his posts and whereabouts.

Or take a break from Facebook.

It doesn't help that you take to Facebook to express rage toward your ex.

You do not have to make your personal life an open book, and write an essay about how your ex cheated on you. He does not give a damn anyway. You will only look pathetic if you continue to rant online, as if your contacts are not aware to whom you are addressing your message.

Pity is the last thing you need on this phase. Empowerment is what you need, and which you will gain only if you'll love yourself and stop caring about your ex.

Nettie Gray has been into different types of romantic relationships. She experienced getting hurt and hurting somebody else’s heart. At this heart stage, she never fails to seek and rely on her friends help. For her, heartaches caused by a failed relationship is part of life’s learning strategy before you meet the right man you will spent until old times.

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