Handling a Relationship: Feeding a Man's Ego

coupleMost of the time, relationship fights starts with misunderstanding and ego issues, which both men and women have in common. But these issues could go from often to sometimes to not having it at all with the right respond.

Having a lot of circumstances, there's one effective way for women to handle relationship which brings the love, understanding and trust by feeding the men's ego - in a good way.

Let them be the boss

As men always have the mentality of being the boss and handler of the relationship - which irritates most women, as they also want to be the handler of the relationship as well.

Letting your man be the boss doesn't make you less of a person. Instead, it makes you taller for you can be the only key to fix things when it comes to jeopardy.

Letting men feel they have the authority with you and your relationship could make them less arrogant and more submissive.

It helps them have the confidence to handle things on their own and ask for their partner's help when they can't do it anymore without any hesitations - As men have problems admitting their weakness, especially with their partner.

Treat them with respect

Women always tend to be the princess and push men into saying or doing things for them just to stop the fight. But men are not always in the mood to lower down their flags and submit into whatever their partner's want.

When you show respect to your partner, it will eventually have a boomerang effect and will be given back to you even without you asking for it.

Be a listener than a talker

Ask anyone what kind of trait they don't want about women and you can definitely have a common answer - Nagging.

Everybody wants a listener. More specifically if it's your partner who needs to put an ear with. Listening makes you understand the problem more and it lets you enter in the talking part more into sense and not being sarcastic.

Talk if necessary and be cautious enough to interrupt. This might be a start of a fight when the tension is high.

Men are usually strong outside. But deep within them lays a soft and sensitive person who doesn't know how to admit they're being soft at times.

Make them feel special

Being a woman doesn't mean you'll always be the princess. Sometimes, a man also needs to feel like a prince.

Writing them a note while sleeping can make their mood brighter when they woke up with it. A simple drawing of heart will do. Sounds silly, but you'll feel otherwise when you try it.

Give them time


Instead of you always going out shopping or having tea with your friends, telling them how suffocating or drastically dramatic your relationship went, why not put an effort to bond with your partner –As you do when you first met each other.

Spend some time snuggling and teasing each other. Play games and agree to do a fun consequence to whoever looses the game.

Schedule a day for the both of you to bond. It would be much better if you do it once every two weeks, so you could be prepared when that day comes.

All relationships are unique and have its weakness and strength. We just have to look deep within it to know every fault and success. We should always remember that it's not going to work if it's being worked out by one person alone.

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