When ‘I Love You’ is Not Enough: 7 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Romantic Relationship

Maybe you have been together for some years now and feel like everything is too comfortable. This is the time you feel the boredom creeping out in your relationship, and this is normal. Every relationship goes through this phase. Aside from boredom, careers, finances, and personal matters take a major toll on our relationships.

This situation calls for rejuvenating your relationship. You need something to spice it up and breakaway from the slowly mounting boredom. If that is the case, why not talk about it and work it out together? Here are some suggestions to revitalize the romance and fire in your relationship:

Try new activities together

In any relationship, it is essential that you keep growing and expanding your life – together and individually. Think of something you want to do and tell it to your partner, say that you want both of you to try this new stuff or activity. Some of the new activities may include but not limited to:

  • Volunteering on any local group such as taking care of abandoned animals
  • Learning a new language
  • Exhilarating outdoor stuff like sky diving
  • Pottery
  • Attending interesting talks

Any activities will do as long as it new to both of you. Doing things together can really help maintaining any relationship. Keep in mind that doing the same things over and over again lead to routine and become boring in the long run. Welcoming new activities can totally improve your relationship satisfaction.

Create a bucket list for the two of you

This is related to trying new activities but more on organizing and planning them. You and your partner should create a list of things you want to achieve or experience together. It is not necessary that you do all stuff in a week time, rather put a schedule when both of you are free to do it. Compromise on the date and time, so you can look forward to something new every week or every month.

Change something about your look

This may sound superficial but let’s admit it, the first time we met our significant other, we noticed the appearance first before anything else. As relationship goes older or gets too comfortable, our looks or appearance change whether we noticed it or not. Why not try a new look? Maybe you can tell your partner that this particular hair color suits his/her complexion. Or maybe you can help him choose new clothes that will make him look more confident than ever. Even if we have been in the relationship for too long, do not forget to still impress and surprise your partner.

Plan for out of town

Busy schedules, work load, and personal matters get in the way sometimes to get out of town with your partner. You may not notice it first but as day goes by, the same and normal surroundings become boring. You do not get to spend exciting time with your partner in a new place. It really pays off when both of you get away from your apartments once in a while because it keeps the relationship healthy and stable. You can plan for a romantic getaway that you have not done in a long time and in this way, you can rejuvenate romance in another level. Visiting tourist destination over the weekend can also be a good idea to spend time together away from home. Occasional trips – long or short – can rid of boredom and monotony in relationship.

Go out with your own set of friends

This is also similar to spending time alone; you need to keep in touch with your circle of friends. Do this without tagging your partner along. You have been spending time together and sometimes it feels too much. It is not healthy that you are losing your individuality just because you are in a relationship. Do not neglect the people you knew before the relationship. Hanging out with your friends alone will remind you the person that you are. Once week hanging out with your friend’s apartment is healthy or maybe meeting them for dinner is also a good idea. At the end of the day, you can tell new stories to your partner and you will have another good night conversation. Grow individually and grow together.

Make dinner and eat together

This may be an old school but it gets the job done. Cooking for your partner can be a great way to create sense of newness to both of you especially when you don’t do it on normal basis. Take time to cook something that your partner is craving for weeks or maybe his/her favourite dish. Plan a romantic dinner at home, have good conversation, and just enjoy the company of each other.

Say what you like about each other

Did you know that one of the love languages is ‘Word Affirmation’? Yes, this simple act of saying what you like about your partner can boost his/her confidence. Both of you should do this because it shows the appreciation you have for each other. It also helps both of you to feel more confident and attractive.

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