Eight Things Men Forget To Do During Sex

hairy-manThere are some significant things that men tend to forget to do during sex. This is often a popular point of discussion, but it can detract from the enjoyment that couples feel about these issues. Couples can actually build on the experience that they can get when they have sex. Increasing communication and improving basic understanding will be important issues that men may be facing. They should make a point to remember all 8 of these components when they improve on their sexual relationships.


Stimulating the clitoris is an integral part of having sex. This is a basic fact, but it is easy for men to forget about it. Most men are accustomed to focusing only on their own pleasure while they are having sex. Different women may have different comfort zones when they are having sex. Some women may prefer to stimulate themselves, which may change up how they tend to approach sex.

Lubricant, lubricant, lubricant

Utilizing lubricant can change up the way that people tend to approach sex. This can make the experience overall much more enjoyable. Couples can share the experience and make it more comfortable at the same time. Choosing the right lubricant is a major decision that couples need to make. They should review some of the different scents and colors that are out on the market. There are even different flavors of lubricants, which may change the way that people tend to approach sex. Couples will be able to change the way that they try out how lubricant can be used over time as well.

Talk dirty to me

Communication is the key in almost any kind of romantic relationship. But there are many people who will want to try out dirty talk. This has been increasingly used by couples everywhere, since it can change the way that they approach the issue. Couples will be able to talk to one another and get a better understanding of their needs. Talking dirty may take some practice and more than a little creativity along the way. But couples do have plenty of choices that they can explore when they want to test out their sexuality this way.

Get it wet

Foreplay is one of the most critical components of a healthy sexual relationship. But men can actually make the most out of their experience when they just remember to do it. This can be a major challenge for men, but they can experiment in a few important ways. Men should talk to their partner to understand more about how they can get started.

Watch your hands

Men should be a little cautious with how they use their hands during sex. This can change the way that they typically manage their sexual relationships. Couples can count on sex to improve on their lives in a few simple ways. But men will need to pick up on subtle cues on the part of women to understand more about how they respond to touch.

Sometimes a light touch is better than a strong one

Being gentle goes hand in hand with some of the preceding tips. Men can change up the way that they tend to approach sex if they think about how they are touching their partner. It can take experience to understand what kind of touch is appropriate for men everywhere.

Stop stressing

Above all else, men should try to avoid stressing with some of the issues that they are facing. Men should focus on enjoying their experience and making sure that their significant other enjoys it as well. This can change up the experience that couples get in the long run. Stress can also detract from the experience and make it more difficult for men to follow how they are dealing with these issues and thus lead to more mistakes in bed.

Don’t forget the tits

Finally, men should not forget to be men while they are having sex. Heterosexual couples will need to express their wants and needs like any other pair. Men are often drawn in by stimulation and will want to work with their partner to understand more about their bodies. Sex is still a physical act and men should feel free to enjoy the body of their partner while they are having it.

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