Common Lies We’ve All Told Before, During or After Sex

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAn introduction to sexual intercourse usually begins with the technical details and physical descriptions of the act of sex itself, but this is only half the story. Men and women are not always honest about sex, but it is men that usually get the blame for being hypocritical sexually speaking. This is a list of the common lies that women tell men before during or after sex. We’ve all been told these before, so most will come as no surprise.

1. Being on birth control.
Women lie about contraception to husbands, boyfriends and men. Usually this stems from not wanting to have a child, due to financial or career motivated reasons. She may be inclined to refrain from telling her significant other, so they will not be mad. Possibly because they have considered having a child, but she is just not ready. Even so, women lie about being on birth control to keep relationships happy while their options remain open.

2. Not being on birth control.
Many women lie about not using contraception, but such lies usually involve more deceptive motivations. A woman maybe secretly trying to get pregnant to trap you, so that your relationship will continue on. If she is covertly trying to make you a baby daddy, it could also involve twisting your arm to marry her or so that she can get child support from you.

3. You’re the best lover I’ve ever had.
Face it, she is just stroking your ego. Probably to improve your love making or so you will do it again. A great lie women use to get men harder quickly.

4. You’re the first lover I’ve ever had.
Unless you both are virgins, this is surely a lie. Saying this is a way to seem younger or sexier. One more lie women tell to elicit a raging hard on from men.

5. Sorry, got my period.
Call her bluff, she probably is lying. Tell her you don’t mind and start taking off her pants. She will love it or lie about it, but you will have sex.

6. Nope, not on my period.
She may be lying, especially if you aren’t fond of her monthly menstruation. So what, women are hotter in bed, when having their period and lying because their horny.

7. I never fantasize about anyone else.
The sad thing about this lie, a woman telling it is doing it as they speak the words. If she wants to play a game, go ahead and imagine her as that college girl downstairs or her hot best friend.

8. I never masturbate.
A big fat lie that both genders tell, but women only say it to avoid doing it with their lovers. Another great way to call her bluff. [Read: Why Do People Masturbate?]

9. I love giving blowjobs.
Who cares if women lies about loving to give blowjobs! They ought to learn to love them, if they expect to keep a man happy, horny and home. Blowjobs and lies go hand in hand, who would want a woman to tell the truth with her cock in your mouth. In fact, when she says I love giving blowjobs, don’t listen to a single word coming out of her mouth. Unzip yourself, give her your hard on and stop her from lying any more. At least, until you cum in her mouth.

10. Your penis is huge.
If this isn’t a lie, it maybe her way of saying that it’s too big. Rarely is a man’s penis so huge, that women need to comment on it. Unless your penis is huge.

11. It tastes great.
This lie is always for your benefit. Humor her, so she will keep swallowing and sucking your cock. Just be aware, it never tastes great.

12. You smell great.
If a woman isn’t lying about your body scent, it means she really is into you. Men only smell great, just as they leave the shower.

13. That feels great.
If a woman lies, saying that your sexual technique or something you are doing feels great, stop doing it.

14. Number of sex partners.
It is hard to get a straight answer out of men or women about this subject. Assume that most women do their math by rounding down. Women lie about the number of sex partners they have had, so that males will not judge them and to avoid hurting some men’s feelings. Face it, even the most promiscuous men rarely have more sex conquests.

15. Of course I’m clean.
Never assume anything about your female partner, especially if you don’t know her well. You must get an STD test to be absolutely sure about anything. Sexually transmitted diseases are a high ranking reason a woman will lie to a man, but doing so shoes a lot about her character. Anyone who lies about an STD is a dangerous and extremely risky person to have sex with, or anything else.

In summary, these lies should be no big surprise to most males.
Still some are used so often by women, that men often start to believe them at face value. Women lie to stroke the male ego, but also to keep a relationship that is worthwhile, because sex isn’t everything. Sex is important, but sometimes a little lying can smooth the sexual communications between partners in bed. Consider this, then decide for yourself if the lies you have been told before, during or after sex had malicious versus good intentions behind them. Good luck gentlemen.

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