Erotic Things to Do with Your Hands

There is nothing more erotic, than using your hands to communicate. The human hands can express sensuality, sexuality and a wide range of responses by way of touch. Hands express emotional feelings without words or can be used to write, create art and numerous other things. The hands maybe the most erotic part of the human body.

Marianne Brandon, Ph.D., author of Reclaiming Desire: 4 Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido, says this about the hands. “Hands can add so much creativity to sensuality. Women really like to be teased, and hands are an important part of that intensity building.”

Here’s a short list of erotic things to do with your hands, besides masturbation. As males, these ideas will excite and engage your lover with a sensual and sexual touch.

Erotic Things to Do with Your Hands

Trace Her Body
When you touch your lover, try to start out with slowly tracing the contours of her body. This is an inviting way to express your wants for sexual intercourse. It also will give her the shivers up and down her spine. Do it over and over, until she can’t stand it.

Spread Her Lips
As your hands lightly touch her body, take time to pause at one of the most sensual spots. Meaning her lips. Spreading her lips, lightly letting her tongue touch your fingertips and slowly caressing her face. All these spots are highly arousing. They also remind her that she could be putting something between her lips, or in her mouth, but without saying one single word.

Let Her Guide Your Hand
When touching your lover, let her show you where to place your hands. Let her guide them and show you how she likes to be touched. This is a wonderful way to learn about her body and let her show you her vulnerability, but allowing her to remain in control. She will guide your hands to places that you might never have imagined. Learn from her guidance and love with your hands.

Hold Her Face While Kissing Her
Use your hands while engaging in kissing her. Let them rub her shoulders, her neck, but mostly hold her face gently. Pull her face easily towards yours, letting her feel your masculine desire and show that your hands can exercise restraint. Holding her face lets her know that your lust doesn’t have to overtake you. Many men get roaming hands and start touching a woman in sexual ways far too soon.

Write Her a Sexy Note
Don’t forget that your hands have many purposes. Women are to be worshiped, they are the reason that most poetry exists. Writing love notes, sweet nothings and erotic poetry has always been a method of engaging women. It is sensual, emotional and sexual, all at once. A sexy note is also something she can keep, to read again at a later time. This is an idea that never fails, but also demonstrates your softer creative side by using your hands.

Stimulate Her During Sex
Your hands are the key to making love, not just having sex. Use them for more than just holding yourself up in missionary position or grabbing her ass during doggy style. Caress her during intercourse, pull her hair, grasp her hands or stimulate her clitoris. All these will offer variety and overwhelm her senses. Using your hands to stimulate her during sex is very cool, very manly and she will love it.

Play With Her Hair During Oral Sex
One last note, playing with a woman’s hair is a sensual signal. She plays with her hair while conversing with a man, but this lets him know she finds him attractive. Playing with your hands in her hair during oral sex is the best way you can use them, mainly so you don’t get too eager as a man. It lets her know, that you find her equally attractive. Opening her legs to let you go down on her is a very vulnerable position, so let her feel at ease.

In Conclusion
These are only a few ideas, the many erotic possibilities that hands offer are virtually endless. Try making use of their sensual powers to enhance your love life, your sexuality and your sensual world.

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