6 Dos and Don’ts to Get Back with Your Ex


After a breakup, there are people who are fine with never talking to their exes, like never again and also people who would be open and willing to reconsider their broken relationship and give it a chance again. But, if you belong to the second category, then this post is definitely meant for you.

Of course, getting back with ex is not an easy task. You broke up with your partner for a reason and you both very well know that reason. If you know and understand those reasons, there’s probably chance for you both to fall back into the past and rectify them and work when you were a couple.

It is very common to make up with exes and try to move on. If there is a chance of getting back together then you can make things work between you and him/her. Before you proceed any further, there are some basic ground rules to follow that will help you to get back with your ex.

Take Things Slow

Never ever push your ex to make an instant decision about you and your relationship. Because she/he should not think that you are here for a one night stand or booty call. There is absolutely no point in rushing things. It doesn’t hurt to slow things down and take a breath before you proceed to next step.

Don’t Think it as a New Relationship

It is normal and tempting for people to look this as beginning a whole new relationship, but let’s face the truth. You were once in a relationship with him/her so it is essential for a couple to develop on the past relationship.

Be True about Your Time apart

It is now the time to open up if you were seeing someone else while you two were broken up. You obviously don’t need to go into particulars. An easy, “I was seeing someone for a few days or months” will be good enough— but unless that someone was his close friend/colleague at her/his workplace or anyone else that may trigger hurt or feel jealous. It is essential to at least speak briefly so that there are no surprises or suspense later in the future. If your ex is upset or felt bad about it (even though you no more seeing him/her), then talk about it and let your ex know if there are any issues or fears—and then move on.

Have a Clarity Why You Want to Get Back with Your Ex

Before you make your ex understand why they should get back with you, you first need to have a clear understanding of your relationship with your ex. You question yourself whether it is worth pursuing a relationship with your ex or is it going to end to bad again.

Now wondering how to be sure whether you want to or have to get back with your ex or is it another passing cloud sign? Well, then here are the 7 signs that you shouldn’t ignore your post-breakup.

Every person after ending a relationship will think about whether they should have given another try. It is usual. Well then here are our top 7 signs that you should consider post-breakup if you have any doubts about your relationship with your ex.

You miss him/her badly

Time heals everything. Maybe all you need is some time apart to do your partner searching. Or it could be also you both are mature enough after some time passed. Even after days and months, you still feel like that you are missing your ex then maybe it’s time to reconsider your relationship with your ex.

Find whether the problems with your ex are fixable

Whatever the reason that made you break up with your ex is no longer at all then try to fix them. Maybe you and your ex can rethink about rebounding your relationship. It could be because of things that no longer exist then there is no point in bragging the same issues again and again.

You both want the same things now

Sometimes if you are seeing someone and all of a sudden you realize that you both don’t want the same things and the relationship has to end sooner or later since there is no other way to this relationship in the future. Whether it is about having kids or job or any other thing that created differences between you two. But now, you both want the same things then what’s the point in being separated from your ex.

Realizing you made a huge mistake

After you end your relationship with your ex and start seeing someone else, then you might actually realize that the grass on the other side is not greener as you thought it would be. You might have thought that your ex is reacting too much and no other girl or guy would that issue that seriously but in reality, it does matter. If you both have this sort of realization, then why not go back to the greener grass that you are familiar with?

You are older and wiser

If the reasons you broke up with your ex are silly and fun and mean nothing now then maybe you can try discussing this with your ex and see how she/he feels about it. Your relationship with your ex most likely will have a different, positive and a much wiser vibe.

You both believe in second chances

Who said relationships can’t be given second chances? There is no such rule that states that second chances are not worthwhile. It’s up to you and your ex if giving the second shot gives your relationship a meaning then maybe you can try and give it a shot.

Life’s a mess without him/her

If after some time you both realize that life isn’t that great or is completely a mess without them then why suffer? It can take some time away from each other to understand that you are definitely not better off without them. Of course, after a break up anybody will feel miserable but if it continues even after many days then you should ignore this sign of getting back with your ex.

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  1. My boyfriend who left me heartbroken is back.

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