A Guide for Reducing Your Wedding Costs


Wedding is an event that everybody wants to celebrate in the best possible manner. When people try to make it as exciting as possible, they tend to ignore the cost. It is quite natural that such a special occasion involving food, beverages, venues, flowers and many more wouldn’t come cheap. Still, you need to realize that there are effective ways to fulfill your dreams at a price that goes well with your financial condition. Here are the best ways to reduce wedding costs:

1. Think about choosing a different date and time

Strategic timing will reduce the cost of the wedding to a great extent and it is always advisable select months like January, March, April and November for wedding to decrease the costs involved because the weather in these months is unpredictable. Another important suggestion is that the wedding function can be conducted at morning or afternoon because you can get away with cost effective brunch or cocktail party instead of an expensive formal dinner. Such a method of approach will cut down the cost of the wedding by 30%.

2. Consider downsizing the rehearsal dinner

Some people invite all out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner and it will result in unwanted expenses. These types of day-before dinners should be confined to casual and cost effective pizza or barbecue party and the invitees should be limited to immediate relatives and friends. All these steps will make a significant impact on reducing the wedding costs.

3. Plan well by hiring a wedding contractor

A systematic method of approach will become a reality when you hire the services of a reliable and certified wedding contractor and a top quality professional will negotiate with the partner vendors to make you eligible for various types of discounts and free packages. When you follow such a method, unwanted expenses can be controlled with great efficiency.

4. Plan to cut down the cost on wedding flowers

If you do not give proper attention, bridal bouquets and reception centerpieces can make your wallet empty in these days. The process of selecting a florist definitely demands great care and attention and, you should always prefer quality over quantity as well. A huge number of people rely on online flowers to cut down the cost on wedding flowers and you will be able to purchase a lot of beautiful flowers from various online shops.

5. Think about attending a weekend wedding course

Though these courses are primarily designed for people, who want to take up wedding planning as a career, you can attend a crash course to get some valuable information about making a wedding cost effective. Such courses will provide huge amounts of inside information and they will extremely beneficial for you.

6. Do not go after extremely ornamental wedding invitation cards

Some people waste a lot of money on wedding invitation cards and some of the engraved invitations cost $700 to $800 more than thermography cards. A huge number of people rely on invitation software to create aesthetically appealing and cost effective wedding invitations in these days.

7. Ask direct questions about the venue

The selection of the venue should be done after proper research and you should never hesitate to ask questions about the costs involved. You will have to find out whether the rent covers the taxes or not and these types of direct questions will help you save money up to 25% to 30%. In these days, a good number of people prefer city park club houses or other civic-owned sites over expensive private sites.

8. Never show any reluctance in editing down the jewelry

Instead of picking a highly expensive necklace, you can think of choosing a beautiful earrings because earrings make a more positive impact in enhancing your facial appearance. With such a method of approach, the cost will come down drastically as well. Steps like reducing the jewelry and avoiding handbags will reflect on the expenses involved with the wedding in a positive manner.

9. Plan for a judicious selection of guests for the wedding function

Wedding function is not a political party meeting and inviting too many people like all acquaintances will affect the privacy of the function in an adverse manner. You should plan well before making the list of guests and it will help you reduce the cost of the wedding to a great extent.

10. Make the wedding function more fun-oriented than striving for perfection

When you strive for perfection, you will start spending more money to achieve perfection and you will never realize that perfection is a distant reality. It is always advisable to make the wedding function a fun-oriented event because it will shift your focus from making the function perfect and by doing so; all types of unwanted expenses can be controlled with utmost efficiency as well.

If you do not want to make your wedding hugely expensive, you will have to design a well thought out plan and it can be said without any doubt that smart thinking individuals always give importance to all these tips to make their wedding extremely cost effective.

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