My 7 Tricks to Make a Perfect Birthday Cake

You have to remove your fear and think that even if you do it with natural ingredients and without additives and preservatives, it is possible to keep your cake fresh and delicious even if you prepare it a few days in advance.

The celebration of your most beloved one’s birthday should be in that, in being the happiest day and not remembering the moment as the worst day of your life!

Today I am going to give you my 7 tricks to avoid this happening to you more.

We are going to put an end to the nerves, the uncertainties, so point out my advice, which will surely reassure you a lot.

  1. Choose the recipe you want to do well in advance and do not do test recipes that day.

It is important that you know that the preparation of a birthday cake could not be the proof of that recipe that you have seen on that page of that wonderful American and that you want to try. Leave the tests for moments of less tension and commitment. I always make my favourite cakes.

  1. You can prepare the cakes in advance and even freeze them:

Any cake, except the genoves, you can do it in advance and freeze it well wrapped in transparent film and remove it about 6 hours before assembling the cake. This will make your job much easier and it will reassure you a lot.

  1. If you prefer not to freeze the cake, follow my advice:

Always do the calculations like this: imagine that the celebration is on Saturday, you can prepare the cake calmly on Tuesday night or Wednesday. Once done and cold or even medium tempered, wrap it very well in transparent film and you can put it in the refrigerator that rests. You can calmly fill the cake on Thursday, and cover it and even decorate it and leave it in the fridge until Saturday.

What do I do to not dry? I put it in a cake conveyor, this will protect it from the direct cold of the fridge and it will not dry out at all. My favourite undoubtedly because of the height and not occupying much space is the Wilton cake transporter.

  1. Prepare the filling and decorating cream just before assembling it:

I do not know if it’s a mania, but I cannot with the buttercream or the re-assembled cream… I cannot! It gives me the sensation that it is not as fresh as it has just been done and sincerely … what does it cost me to do it at the time of assembly? Keep in mind that the buttercream or any filling cream (if we are not talking about pastry cream that has to be cold and made well before) when it rests as it creates a scab that is difficult to remove and those crystallites remain that are noticed on the palate.

Always use to protect your cake protective dishes under your cake: it is important to protect both the presentation tray and to avoid possible losses of the cake put a finite dish of the same diameter as the cake, so it is always easier to transport it from your base Rotating to the plate and avoid breakage.

  1. It is essential to fill it and decorate it with a revolving base:

For me it is the most essential thing in the world, I cannot decorate my cake perfectly without it, it helps me to turn and not have to go around like a spinning top around my cake put all the floripondios that I crave, so I sit or nail myself in front of my revolving base and turn it !. It is not necessary to use of those professional rotating bases if it is only to decorate the edge and make simple decorations with a cheap you have more than enough. I love without a doubt the one from CakenGifts.in, as much the basic one as the high one, and the one of Wilton, they are cheap and perfect for this.

  1. You can make the cake even one month before!

What do you not believe? It’s as simple as freezing it! You can perfectly do it! And it’s the best way if you like the Genoese cake as much as I do. Since the Genoese sponge cake is so delicate when frozen, you can make your cake, fill it, cover it and freeze it. To freeze it if you already have it decorated, put it in the fridge and cool it very well, then cold you can cover it with a transparent film (counting it is buttercream what is outside ..) and freeze it even a whole month. One day before the celebration, you take it out and thaw it in the refrigerator, important, not at room temperature but it can be put in bad conditions. If you use cream to cover the cake, you can also freeze it once decorated, but you should bear in mind that it will not get hard,

Remember! If you opt for this option, you cannot freeze the sponge cake beforehand and then make the cake and refreeze it, it only admits a freeze.

  1. And if your cake is fondant, remember that it is kept along with the cover:

Yes, fondant is a layer of sugar and, by nature, sugar is a natural preservative, although of course, with limitations. Do not use creams that need cold in this case and if so, you can even leave the cake ready the day before the celebration. If you use creams that need cold, put it in the fridge, in a cardboard box and place sugar cubes or piles of sugar inside to act as a drying agent for excess moisture. When removing it from the fridge, the fondant could suffer some condensation, which will depend on the humidity, in such case, use a fan at minimum speed so that little by little those droplets disappear, never touch it or try to remove those drops. Currently, all fondant are prepared to withstand condensation, although we must be very careful.

Do you feel more relaxed now to do and have controlled the cake for your next birthday?

Not one more rush, not once again with your hands in the dough and combing your bun and getting ready for the birthday! Release those artist’s hands and dedicate time to yours entirely on the day of the celebration.

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