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How to Make a Man Cave That Won’t Horrify the Rest of the Family

A man cave is a place where the man of the house goes to be himself. He sets it up so he can enjoy a good time with his friends, to watch the big game, or just be alone with his thoughts. But as we all know, a man and his thoughts can be a horrifying combination. So when you design your man cave, be sure to keep the rest of the family in mind. Here’s how to do just that.

Get Family Input

A man cave may be sacred ground, but the rest of the family still has to live in the same house where the man cave is located. Unless you want to start looking for apartments for rent in Atlanta, you’ll want to get input from the family on what they consider to be acceptable decor. Just remind everyone that this will be your personal space, so not all suggestions may be heeded.

Make Sure There’s a Door

Sometimes the best way to have your own space is to have it in a room away from the main traffic areas with an actual door that you can close. If you commandeer the breakfast nook for your man cave, just for example, you’re almost guaranteed to miss out on the whole “fortess of solitude” vibe that compelled you to set up your man cave in the first place. In fact, forget the door. It’s time to start eyeing a full renovation of your garage or maybe even a free-standing structure in the back yard.

Tasteful Decor

The idea of a man cave can elicit a variety of images in the heads of various family members. If you want to keep the peace in your home and be allowed to sustain your man cave, then keep the decor tasteful. You can have all of the sports posters and movie memorabilia on your walls that you want, but it’s important to keep tasteless girlie pictures to a minimum. You’ll actually get less resistance to the idea of a man cave if you agree to keep the interior design classy and family friendly.

Invite The Family

Despite the fact that your man cave is designated as your own space, some of your family members may resent the notion that they’re not welcome. To help keep everyone happy, you should have one family night a week in your man cave where everyone can watch a movie or play a game. It’s important that you occasionally remind everyone that your man cave is normally your personal domain where you are not to be disturbed. If you do this trade-off once a week, you will be able to keep the rest of the week to yourself.

Keep It Clean

The reason that the rest of the house is kept clean is to prevent offensive odors and avoid inviting bugs and other pests into your home. Your man cave should be subject to the same cleanliness rules to keep the family happy.

When you’re a family man, it can be difficult to have your own space. A man cave is designed to be the place where you can go to be yourself. But even the sanctity of the man cave requires cooperation with the rest of the household.

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