7 incredible fancy dress party tips and ideas

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress parties are nothing but pure fun especially when kids are concerned. They love it when they are invited to dress like a pirate or a super hero or a comic character and attend a party based on the same theme. That’s why fancy dress parties have gained a considerable amount of popularity in pre-schools, schools and households especially when a particular occasion (like a birthday) is concerned.

If you are considering having a fancy dress party on account of your child’s birthday or for any other occasion, you might consider going through these tips below. Let’s begin.

  1. The first and the most obvious thing to do is to decide on the theme

This is the most important thing for you to do at the start. Decide on the theme in advance and explain the same in through details to your invitees.

There’s nothing to worry to be honest. A theme party doesn’t have to be too complex. A simple one can very easily do the trick for you. Here are a few ideas:

Garden Party

  • Garden party (e.g. garden fairies, lady bugs, bumble bees and so on).
  • Pirate party.
  • Deep blue sea party (e.g. mermaids and other creatures that live under the sea).
  • Harry Potter party (e.g. dragons, witches and wizards).
  • Princess party (e.g. Rapunzel, beauty and the beast etc.).
  • Superhero party (e.g. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or anyone else. Any caped crusader would do).
  1. The second thing to do is to decide on the dress on your themed party

So the theme’s decided. Now comes the dress. What are you going to ask your invitees to wear to your party?

Research a bit and make a list of the costumes that you feel can go well with your theme party. Try to include only those costumes that are easily available in the market to reduce the headache of parents. Then share the same list with them without further ado.


If your party’s based on a pirate theme, anything portraying a design of skulls and cross-bones can be a very good idea of a costume. There are other ideas as well. For that Google can be your friend.

  1. Make your invitation cards reflect the theme of your party

Now this is one thing that makes your party a standout. Try to make your invitation cards reflect the tone of the theme.

invitation card

For e.g., if you had opted for a garden party, you can very easily design your invitations in a way such that it opens up like a butterfly or a bumble-bee. Imagination is your only limitation.

  1. Get a mirror photo booth

A mirror photo booth can double the fun factor of your party. Just make sure you get one that’s actually set up to reflect the theme of your party.

mirror booth

Consider getting some relevant props according to your theme (for e.g. if it’s a pirate party, get a black eye flap for covering one eye and so on). Also make sure that the backdrop of your mirror photo booth’s designed according to your theme to incorporate the effect of the theme in each and every photograph.

  1. Arrange for some fancy food

If you can arrange for some fancy food to add to the effect of your theme party, it can be your cherry on the cake.

For e.g., if it’s a pirate party, consider arranging for some jelly boats. They go perfectly with the theme and can actually add to the fun factor of your party.

  1. Prepare for emergencies with a few backups

It’s definitely a good idea to arrange for a few backup costumes in case anyone shows up without one or somebody’s costume got ruined for any reason whatsoever. So consider including having backups as a part of your agenda.

Even simple things like a cape (for a superhero party) or a fairy wand is enough for the job.

  1. Arrange for a prize

One who’s costume is judged to be the best of the lot gets a prize. You can arrange for the judgment being made on basis of an open vote. Kids would love it for sure.


A costume party always screams of fun. So make sure you keep it that way. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end. Hope you had a good read.

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