How to Prepare Yourself for Your First Music Festival Adventure?

First experiences are always the best. They mesmerize the person who is receiving an experience because it is something which one can remember for a life time. You can bet over the fact that you can make the best use of the time and enjoy your favorite music genre by attending an impeccable music festival.

If you want to savor the music festivals for the first time, then below are the things you should know before you can attend your first music festival adventure.


It is a sure factor that you will be disappearing from the real world for a little time but there is no shame in putting an out-of-office message or buying an extra case of water or spending money in printing out the maps of the venue or campground. For most of the festivals, you will be in the zone where leaving becomes a significant hassle. So you should focus on doing as much in reality before you board the next flight for a fun weekend.

You need to stick together

Music festivals are considered to be fantastic because you can see many artists who are very talented. The main problem is a group where it is recommended that you should be going to a large one. It is important that you should take one artist for the team and you should keep that artist on the must-see list. If you can poach a group member to go along with you then you can do it but otherwise, in an environment where the communication can be spotty, you might end up losing your campsite and your friend. This can be hugely catastrophic because there will be a non-working cell phone and you might be in the middle of the ground.

You should seize the day

You should realize that you are at a music festival because it means a lot to the traditional rules of society and daily life is suspended for just a bit of time. It is recommended to do some things which you might not feel comfortable in doing on a regular basis. You can start out with simple things like eating garlic grilled cheese sandwich or other things which you might expect at a campsite. You need to go to the comedy tent and miss an act and do something different because it is a festival life.

Make a worth it investment

Festivals are, no doubt, expensive, where you are carpooling, you should bring the gas money. Preparation can help but when you are at the festival, you should live like you are at a festival. In order to have most of the fun, do what you can and enjoy the wall-to-wall comedy, music, food, which is an absolute departure from reality.

You should prepare to stand

You will keep yourself at a pro end when you will prepare your mind that the feet will experience long lines. This definitely implies that you should be wearing comfortable shoes. When you feel that you don’t need to wear them, you can throw them into a shoe sack inside your bag. In this way, you will not only get the rest of the belongings dirty but you can also stretch your toes and let your painful feet breath.

You should consider weather necessities

Whether it is shining or raining, you need to be prepared to brave the elements. You can bring an umbrella even if the forecast says that it is going to be sunny. You should consider an easy store and lightweight umbrella which comes with a pouch so that it is easy to tuck away when the skies are sunny. If you are, unfortunately, caught in a rainstorm, you might end up sloshing through the muddy campgrounds, or you might have to withstand the heat as you dance your way. You can keep the smelly or damp items separate with the packs like the clean/dirty cube so that you will not only prevent the transfer of odours but will also prevent the microbial growth.


While you definitely don’t want to over pack, you can have a few items on hand when it comes to sleep so that you can wake up feeling well rested. A soft ear plug should be definitely on the list in order to get some shut eye and this is even when the nearby campsite neighbors are blasting up their stereos. An eye mask will also come in handy which can fool your body in thinking that the tent is totally dark.

You should enter with an open mind

The best thing about a music festival is that it is a judgement free zone. You might see some things that you never would, where you might be in a fraternity and it doesn’t mean that fraternity is boring; it is just that the summer festivals can be way far out. You should realize that the festival goers out there want to have a good time and it is surely not your place to tell them that they can’t. You should let the festival staff do their job.

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