Top 3 Tips to Improve the Vintage Photo Booth at Your Party

Photo BoothIt’s never easy to organize any event. You need to have a keen eye on lots of things. And you’ll have to ensure that your guests are never bored or do not find the event uninteresting. The easiest way to do this is to engage your guests in something. You can do that it many ways. These days, one of the best ways to ensure that your guests are engaged in your event is to install a photo booth. And to add more fun, you can look for various types of photo booth.

Install a Vintage Photo Booth

Are you exploring the types of photo booths to select the one you can install at your event?

Why not look for vintage photo booths? They are fun, nostalgic, and can be a great addition to your event. The vintage photo booths can help you get photos in ways you had never thought of.

Wondering where to get a vintage photo booth?

You can look for a vintage photo booth provider. Ensure that you’re getting the stuff at a profitable rate. However, you can also do a few things yourself to make your vintage photo booth better.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ways you can improve your vintage photo booth.

Explore Various Printing Options

Want to make the picture clicked at the vintage photo booth more interesting and close to the vintage look? You will have to explore various types of printing as well.

When you’re using a vintage photo booth, it’s always better not to print color photographs. However, if you’re printing color photographs, ensure that the colors are not too bright. Usually faded colors make excellent vintage photos.

Sepia toned images are probably the best among the vintage photos. So, if you’re establishing a vintage photo booth at the event you’re organizing, ensure that you are providing the guests with the option of printing their pictures clicked at the photo booth in sepia tone. The sepia tone enhances the nostalgia factor and helps to create a look of an old age. However, you can keep a touch of color in the image to give it a mysterious look.

Easy Ways to Create Backdrops

When you’re creating a vintage photo booth, you must have a suitable backdrop. There are various ways to create a vintage photo booth backdrop. One of the most effective ways is to take a board and paste old newspapers on it. The papers that have grown reddish with age are the best bait for this purpose. Posing in front of a wall of newspapers can be real fun.

You can also create excellent backdrop for a vintage photo booth with old curtains. Ensure that the colors of the curtains have faded away. Arrange them at the backdrop in an old-fashioned way. They can help you set up your vintage photo booth in an easy manner.

Only a Few Frames

Can you arrange for a few photo frames?

They make wonderful prop for a vintage photo booth. You can hang the small frames from the ceiling. However, try to have one really large photo frame. It can be hung right in front of the chair for your guests. They can sit and click themselves in the photo booth with the large frame in front of them.

There’s nothing to worry even if you don’t have a large frame. You can take a few small frames and hang them on the wall behind. Color the wall in black and white or other simple colors. Don’t make it too bright. You can also use various shades for the frames and give them completely new looks before using them for creating the vintage photo booth backdrop.


It really feels great to go back to the old days. However, that’s really not possible. But you can do that with the help of the vintage photo booths. The quality of photo that you might click and the type of printed photographs that you are going to get with the vintage photo booth usually remind you of the old days. The simple backdrops and the sepia tone adds a touch of nostalgia. However, it’s completely fun as well. And it’s for this factor that your guests are likely to enjoy every moment they spend with the vintage photo booth.

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