5 Excellent Outdoor Party Themes

Outdoor Party

With the summer in full bloom, it is time to take the party outdoor.

Planning an outdoor party does not require much hard work. With a little creativity and the right tools, you can host a stylish, amazing and most importantly, memorable outdoor party.

However, one of the major areas where many of us struggle with is the theme. While a laidback gathering may seem fun, having a good theme can turn the outdoor party into an outstanding one. Following are a few themes that can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Garden Tea Party

An elaborate garden party is usually a formal gathering. While a neatly maintained garden is essential to host a garden tea party, the ambiance should also be inviting as well as enchanting.

Garden Tea Party

A garden tea party requires a lot of planning. To turn this into a complete success, you would need to place the tables in the right order, arrange the tablecloth and napkins neatly and ensure that the centerpieces match the theme of the party.

With presentation being the primary criterion of a garden tea party, food comes a close second. Tea, cupcakes, sandwiches, fruit and so on are the usual choices for a tea party. You can usher in a light mood by adding flowers. The right colors for this theme would be pastels and subtle floral prints.

Tropical Party

A tropical themed party is usually vibrant with a lot of bright colors that exudes the ambiance of being among the rich hues of nature. You would need to include fabrics that are bright in color. Floral, neutral brown, blue, orange etc. are the colors you are looking for. For example, you can place a neatly folded burlap on your patio cushion storage or the table to add a rustic element to the party.

Tropical Party

You can include flowers, lanterns, bamboo placemats and wooden serving plates to give the party an earthy feel. Tropical salsas, tacos, seafood can be great food choices for the party.


One of the primary attractions of summer is the barbecue party. Every household hosts one. Be it barbecue chicken, hamburgers, steaks or any other lip-smacking recipes, the smell of meat on the grill is the primary attraction of a summer barbecue party.


Barbecue parties are usually relaxed. You can add a creative drink dispenser, colorful containers for the spreads, plastic-wrapped bowls to keep off the flies and bugs, patterned tablecloths etc. Keep a separate section of your backyard reserved for the games and the tools. You can hang lights wherever you want. Do not forget to keep separate cans for recyclable trash and plastics.

Mexican Fiesta

A Mexican fiesta is a wonderful choice for a summer outdoor party. To make this a complete success, you would need to liven up the mood with your creativity. The good news is, most of the decorations are inexpensive.

Mexican Fiesta

Lanterns with colorful ribbons, tissue paper decoration, pinata etc. can be wonderful additions for your Mexican fiesta. You can liven up your fiesta by including bright flowers to the decoration. Vibrant blooms arranged in a brightly colored pot can be used as a centerpiece of the table. Paper or straw flowers can also be used.

Mexican fiestas are incomplete without margarita, pina colada, guacamole, tortilla chips, jalapenos, quesadillas, tacos etc. A cheesecake or a tres leches cake for dessert are perfect choices.

Beach-Themed Party

Bringing the ambiance of the seaside to your backyard summer parties isn’t a difficult task. The good news is, it is budget-friendly too. For a dreamy ambiance, you can make a centerpiece out of a hurricane glass filled with seashells and place a candle in the middle. You can use starfish place settings to enhance the mood. You can also glue sea shells on the napkin holders.

Beach Themed Party

A reef centerpiece can be a wonderful addition to your beach-themed outdoor party. Bring in various shades of blue to the decoration. Set aside a section for games and toys for the kids.

While these themes can liven up your outdoor party, you can also consider sticking with a simple, yet elegant décor. Ensure that the lights match the mood and the time of the day and there are enough seating options. Drinks should be replenished to fight dehydration of the summer months. Also, take proper measures to keep the insects away without affecting the party mood.

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