How To Make Your Wedding High Tech And Fun

hightechweddingWhen it comes to wedding, your mind might conceive of everything extremely traditional or a bit thematic. However, there is still a room in them to apply the latest technology. Actually, there are a number of fun ways, employing which, you can make your guests enjoy a "hi-tech" experience in your wedding and make your special day an occasion to remember. Here's lowdown on the latest trends on wedding!

#1: Start While You Shop

Ideally, every bride-to-be loves taking her mother, or anyone near or dear to her while choosing her trousseau, bridal jewelleries and the like. But the big picture is, there are a number of brides who live far away from their homes, making ‘bridal shopping' next to impossible. Under such circumstances, technology can come to your recue! Use your webcam to take a shot of the bridal dresses and the amazing pieces of jewelleries that catch your fancy, and show them to your mother. There are a number of bridal shops that offer their personal webcams, as well. What can be a better way to share that very special moment with her?

#2: Webcams Once Again

Again, you can use webcams during your wedding reception. If you have members of family settling all around the globe and chances are remote for them to attend your party, then web cams can be of great help. You can make them feel as if they are almost at your venue. Just set up a streaming feed, which your people can watch irrespective of their location. So with technology, you see utility and fun going hand in hand.

#3: Making Up For Someone's Absence

Do you want to surprise the newlywed couple with a live message from a very dear member of family, who could not present himself? Bring out a large screen and broadcast the ‘absentee's' message. This method is gaining immense popularity among families having military, because they might have the dear member deployed during the special ceremony. It is also a sweet way to convey the messages of someone who is ill and unable to attend the party. It will also work if you have an elderly member in your family.

#4: Use The iPod

Using an iPod has become quite a common practice among the newlywed brides and grooms. Many couples are nowadays seen to load their favourite tunes into their iPod. It is a cool way to save money on your wedding musicians. It is also a good way to substitute the cost of hiring a D.J during the post-wedding reception. It is a great way to rid yourself from listening to awkward tunes that D.Js often end up choosing for wedding parties. However, if you want to use an iPod, make sure that you check its performance and see if it is compatible with the sound system of your wedding venue. Check this well in advance. However, if you want to hire live band on your wedding, then you can still use your iPod during the break times. The flow of music will never end then…

#5: Keep The Happy Memories Alive

A high-tech wedding virtually remains incomplete without digital photography. You can both hire a photographer who is an expert in digital photography and use it as an enjoyable treat to your guests. In the latter case, you might want to hire a wedding photo booth to shoot photographs that you will preserve for a lifetime! Enhance the fun and see your guests happily hopping in and out of the booth, striking poses that go completely with the jovial mood of the ceremony. Also, outside the booth, arrange for a slideshow so that everyone can share the fun. Your photo booth provider will also provide you with a CD, compiling all the photographs taken.

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