Why Sleeping On a Foam Mattress Is Great For Your Back

fergewgetwgWhy do you keep waking up with a sharp pain in your lower back? Well, it’s because you’ve neglected your bed. During the day, we do different activities that wear our back muscles. At night, these tissues need to rest, and the spinal needs should be appropriately aligned to relieve the daytime tension. In this case, if your lower back is not supported well during the night, the muscles will remain tense. Still, sleeping in positions that do not allow your spine to align easily is quite destructive!

These two reasons put together are why you’ll always wake up with a sharp pain every morning. Fortunately, you can solve this by exercising and by getting a good memory foam mattress. Here you can find interesting reviews show that they are the best remedy when it comes to relieving and relaxing back muscles.

How Do Foam Mattresses Reduce Back Pain?

Proper Alignment

Good quality foam mattresses come in different designs and densities to ensure that your back is aligned correctly. I found that memory foam mattresses are the best for preventing back discomfort as they give you additional lumbar support. I guess this is why most spinal cord and sleep experts recommend these types of mattresses for fantastic sleeping posture.

Conforming To the Shape of Your Body

There’s nothing more satisfying than sleeping in a mattress that folds according to the form of your body. The feeling is cozy, soothing and quickly gets you feeling drowsy as soon as you get into bed. Other than this, it keeps your back muscles adequately protected throughout the night. You’ll even feel like you’re being given a good, nourishing massage. I love the fact that they are not too hard or too soft. At times, you’ll even feel like you’re resting in the clouds!


They are Products of Excellent Quality

A while back, I went mattress shopping and discovered that they vary in quality. The best foam mattress for relieving back pain can be made out of many materials and will typically have two sets of coils. The first one is the tempered steel which prevents them from sagging, and the other is the comfort coils which conform to the shape of your body. These types of mattresses are the most ideal when it comes to providing persistent and adequate lumbar support.

Also, they also have different levels of firmness, and all you’ll need to do is choose the one that suits your needs. These include:

  • Plush soft
  • Luxury firm

However, for back pain, I would recommend that you buy the luxury firm mattresses. Why? Well, they have a medium firm feel that makes them the best for relaxing your lower back. Some good examples include Saatva or Amerisleep AS2 mattresses.

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Why should you suffer from back pain with such an easy solution? Although replacing your old mattress with a new foam one may be tedious, the overall results are rewarding. You’ll not only take the most crucial step to solving your back problems, but you’ll also enjoy the full perks of a good night’s sleep. In the morning you’ll wake up feeling energetic, ready and of course, healthy!

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