Why Do People Masturbate?

Masturbation represents a part of normal development and is a harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women. It is more frequent in males (a recent study showed that 95% of men masturbated at least once and 87% or women). In childhood, masturbation is a wide-spread sexual behavior. As individuals grow up into adults, this habit is usually discarded. Even though it is not bad, it is abnormal this behavior to extend during adulthood. Below are listed some reasons why people masturbate.beautiful-male

1. No steady sexual partner.

When a man is fully sexually developed, the absence of a steady sexual partner is a factor leading to masturbation. For those single men not seeking occasional sex or sexual relationships, masturbation is a habit to indulge sexual pleasures and this habit usually continues during adulthood.

2. Sex materials

With all of the advancements in technology, sexual desires in adolescents are aroused by explicit books, magazines, images, videos and so on. In the absence of a sexual partner a vast majority of men and woman prefer to masturbate watching porn or enjoying explicit pictures. The sexual arousal generated by these materials makes masturbation a way out to relieve stress.


3. Boarding facilities

Due to its nature, boarding of adolescents encourages exchange of information related to sexual practices including masturbation. If by any means such facilities are unisex, masturbation becomes all the more rampant.

4. For fun

Some folks simply masturbate for fun or when they are bored; similar to drinking a beer or hanging out with friends. They simply want to feel good and ejaculate occasionally.

5. Sexual dysfunctions

In case of men and women experiencing sexual dysfunctions, masturbation can be prescribed by a doctor or a sex therapist to allow them to have an orgasm (in case of women) or delay the ejaculation (in case of men). It also is needed for sperm donation or when a man is tested for infertility and must give a semen sample.

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