Manage Your Stress or Your Sex Life Will Suffer!

If you’ve turned on the TV in the last few years, then you’ve probably seen at least one advertisement portraying men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The problem is that in each and every one of these commercials, you’re likely to see a distinguished, gentlemanly actor with graying hair explaining the symptoms and how much his condition has affected his sex life.

The truth is erectile dysfunction can affect any man of any age.

Not Something You Want to Hear

less-stress-more-sexTo a young man in the prime of his life, impotence is probably one of the last things he would ever want to deal with. While an older man might simply chalk it up to a fact of life, his younger generation finds it to be a demeaning situation that leaves him feeling unworthy and less of a man.

Sexual health isn't something we often like to discuss, but it is essential to understand the causes and treatment available for erectile dysfunction.

The medical term "erectile dysfunction" simply refers to a situation where a man is unable to develop or maintain an erection. When you put it like that, it doesn't sound quite so scary. After all, we've all heard of men who struggle to get it up on occasion.

As an added bonus, the situation is rarely permanent and solutions are usually easy to come by. Don't worry; an enjoyable sex life is still possible.

So now that you've moved past the panic mode, it's time to find out what the heck is happening to you.

The Scientific Findings

Although there’s undoubtedly a large market of older men suffering from ED, it’s not just these refined gentlemen who have the condition. In fact, scientists have discovered this condition affects younger men at a rate of about 25%.

That means one in four men who seek medical assistance for erectile dysfunction are below the age of forty.

What Causes ED in Younger Men?

Scientists were slightly surprised by the high frequency of impotence in younger men; so naturally, they sought to find a reason for it.

Health professionals first assumed young men suffered some of the same causes that plagued older men. They expected to find patients with a high Body Mass Index (overweight) and low testosterone. Instead, they found men with low BMI and high testosterone. Additionally, the young patients were less likely to suffer from other major health concerns that commonly cause impotence.

So basically, even though the men were suffering from erectile dysfunction, they were in better physical shape and exhibited better overall health.


Since the findings of the research were contrary to what was hypothesized originally, scientists began trying to find other causes for the higher instances of ED in otherwise healthy men.

One possible hypothesis is that those of us under the age of forty are more likely to smoke cigarettes and drink heavier amounts of alcohol than our elder counterparts. These sorts of toxins can affect overall hormone levels in the body, leading to erectile dysfunction.

However, there was one major instigator that seems to have a significant impact.

Stress, Performance Anxiety and Psychological Distress

Many people underestimate the powerful influence of stress. We all know stress can wreak havoc on our mental wellbeing, but did you know it also causes physical distress to the body?

Jobs, relationships, money, and even other medical conditions can easily and quickly heighten a man's stress level. Actually, there is a never ending list of factors that could leave you awake at night.

This stress is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction for younger men. And once erectile dysfunction sets in, performance anxiety quickly follows. Then, a vicious, never-ending cycle has begun.

How Can I Relieve Stress Related Impotence?

Impotence is distressing—no matter what age you are when it strikes. While it isn't enjoyable to hear the condition can start at a young age, it is reassuring to know stress-induced erectile dysfunction isn't permanent.

If you can find a way to beat the stress, you can expect a healthy sex life to soon follow. Here are some things to consider.


It's important to maintain healthy, emotionally supportive relationships so you don’t feel as worried about your performance when the time comes. Communication is key. Let your partner know what you are feeling. We all know most guys shy away from talking about our emotions, but isn't a positive sexual encounter worth the effort?!

Your partner can help you put the kibosh on performance anxiety—which is great. But your partner might also be able to help you relieve stress in other areas of your life. And since the stress is causing the erectile dysfunction which is causing the performance anxiety, you really do need to get to the root of the problem.


Exercising more is a double-win situation. First, exercise will help you deal with stress better. No matter how you choose to move your body, the practice will boost your feel-good endorphins.

Second, exercise is a natural testosterone booster. Even if low testosterone isn't the cause of your erectile dysfunction right now, it won't hurt to do all you can to keep hormone levels high and healthy.

Weight Loss

Obesity is another instigator of impotence. You might not actually be obese, but even a few extra pounds do their fair share of damage.

Gaining weight will affect your body image. If you start feeling down about how you look, you'll increase performance anxiety and then you are right back to a stressful, unhealthy mindset.

Healthy Habits

As difficult as it is to hear or accomplish, it may also help to quit your most unhealthy habits.

Smoking contributes to a lot of performance issues in the bedroom, so that should probably be the first thing to go if you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Another thing is to make an effort not to drink excessively, as this can contribute to the problem.

It may take some serious effort to get healthier, but doing so will not only help you become less anxious in life, but also when it counts.

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